Einkorn Dinner Rolls

Posted April 12, 2016 by Julie Koyle


1 1/2 - 2 dozens


  • 1/4 cup Honey Plus 1 tablespoon to proof yeast
  • 1/2 cup Butter
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons Real Salt
  • 1/2 cup Very hot tap water
  • 1 tablespoon Yeast
  • 2 Eggs
  • 4 1/2- 5 1/2 cups Einkorn All Purpose Flour 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 if using whole grain einkorn flour


1. In a saucepan, heat honey, butter, milk, and salt until scalded. Remove from heat and let cool.

2. In a small bowl, mix yeast, water, and 1 tablespoon of honey. Leave to proof for a few minutes.

3, In mixing bowl combine eggs, 1 1/2 cups of flour, and milk mixture. Mix well.

4. Add yeast mixture. Mix well.

5. While mixing, add remaining flour 1 cup at a time until it reaches a smooth satiny consistency (3-4 cups for white flour, 4-5 for whole grain).

6. Knead on floured surface for 8 to 10 minutes.

7. Place in greased bowl and cover loosely with greased plastic wrap until doubles in size (about 45 minutes).

8. Shape into rolls about golf ball size and place in greased cake pan.

9. Cover loosely and leave in warm place to rise about 30-45 minutes.

10. Bake at 350º for about  25-30 minutes until golden brown (Rolls with whole grain einkorn flour will not darken very much so be aware of that).







11. Once they’ve been removed from the oven, butter the tops and let cool a little before serving. Perfect for any side or sandwich.


WIth Shredded Salmon Salad


With Butter






Note: These also make great cinnamon rolls. At step 8, roll dough out into a thin rectangle. Cover with butter, cinnamon, and sugar of your choice (We used sucanat). Roll up into long cylinder and cut into rolls with a string or piece of floss. Then follow steps nine and ten.

27 thoughts on “Einkorn Dinner Rolls

  1. Lina Yacan

    Hi, I would like to try this recipe but this looks like sweet bread because you use 1/4cup honey. what if I would like to make plain one? can I substitute the honey? how should I adjust the recipe?
    can I use instant yeast? if yes what should be the qty?

    1. Admin

      Lina, the yeast we suggest is instant yeast, so you can just use that amount. As for the honey, this is not a sweet bread. Almost all roll recipes use sweetener of some kind because yeast needs it to work properly. It doesn’t actually add very much sweetness to the final product. You can remove the honey if you’d like, but the rolls won’t rise as well.

  2. Diana

    Hello! Okay, I’ve made plenty with einkorn over the last several years and this is the best recipe I’ve ever tried for rolls. Period. They rise was wonderful and the finished texture was light and tender. What accounts for this? I’m so used to einkorn not rising as much and ending up a bit dense in the finished product, but these rolls are divine and the cinnamon roll version is delicious, too!

    When kneading I kept my board well floured and didn’t knead for more than 5 minutes. The first rise was in 20 minutes and the second was about 25 minutes.

    This recipe has me at a loss as to how it achieves such a ‘modern wheat’ rise and lightness? Very un-einkorn like.

    1. Admin

      Diana, I’m so glad the recipe is working so well for you. Having worked with einkorn, I’m sure you’ve learned some things about what works. I think the success of this recipe is due to a combination of things – the eggs, the ratios, the increased yeast, not over-kneading it, the all-purpose flour. Those are all things that help einkorn along.

  3. Pam

    My first time trying and my rolls didn’t rise … the first rise was good (in the bowl) but once I had them on the baking sheet they hardly rose at all. In the oven there was little change … no rise and very dense. I’m sad! I followed the recipe exactly. Any thoughts?

    1. Admin

      Pam, I’m sorry that happened. We have had people report success with this recipe and we have never had that happen, but we’ve had fails in other recipes, so I definitely understand. Einkorn can be tricky. It’s hard to say exactly what went wrong because there are so many factors and I wasn’t there for the process. I would make sure your yeast is good. I would also recommend putting it in the oven with the light on for the second rise. Another thing that may help is letting it rise a little less in the bowl and making sure you don’t knead it between risings. Just punch it down and shape the rolls. I hope that one of these things works for you.

    1. Admin

      Ricki, yes you can substitute coconut oil for butter but I would suggest adding another 1/2 teaspoon of salt if you do.

  4. Irena Morgan

    Thank you for developing and posting this recipe for all of us to enjoy! I just made the Einkorn dinner rolls and they turned out really nice – golden, very fluffy and delicious. I am taking them to our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and I am sure they will be enjoyed a lot. I switched to Einkorn a year ago because of its lower glycemic index (our son is T1Diabetic) and I know more or less how to work with it. I kneaded only 5 minutes and I baked for 20 minutes because they turned golden. Making them was rather easy and fun! Congratulations on a great recipe!!!!

    1. Admin

      Heidi, the milk needs to be scalded and then cooled. You are correct. If you pour it straight in it will kill the yeast. This is why we put it in step one so it can cool while you’re doing other things. I will add some specification to the recipe.

  5. Walt Warren

    I once cook sour dough bread regularly, but stopped because I felt that bread was bad for us. There was so much convincing evidence out there that I believed it would be to my best interest to stop eating bread as much as possible. How sad. I have now found einkorn wheat and am ready to try bread again. These rolls sound and look delicious!

    1. Admin

      Hi Dawn, that should work. We’ve never tried it but we substituted almond milk and it worked fine so it doesn’t appear to be too particular. Let us know how it turns out!

  6. Maya

    I just made this dough – followed the recipe explicitly – but even after 5.5 cups of flour it is still SO sticky! I tried adding .5 cup more but it didn’t make much of a difference. There’s no way I can knead it…… I have no idea what to do. Just letting it sit right now. Hoping maybe someone answers me soon 🙂 It’s my first time trying einkorn flour – trying it for my daughter who has celiac disease.

    1. Admin

      Hi Maya, einkorn does tend towards stickiness. You can add a little more flour, but the biggest factor that contributes to einkorn’s stickiness is overkneading. It does not need to be kneaded as much as wheat breads and goes a little crazy if it is. Don’t need it in the mixer any longer than absolutely necessary to incorporate the flour. We use this recipe a lot and have had a lot of people have success with it, but there is a learning curve with einkorn and it takes a certain feel. In the beginning when we were experimenting, we had several experiences where we overkneaded our einkorn dough and ended up with something like concrete, so I definitely understand. I hope this helps a little bit.

      1. Maya

        Thank you 🙂 The rolls came out awesome (I did end up adding a bit more flour which helped lessen the stickiness). I have since made pancakes as well and those were great too!!

        1. Admin

          Maya, I’m so glad they worked out for you. Einkorn is really great once you get over the initial how-do-I-work-with-this phase.

  7. Mhenson

    My dough is really sticky also. I didn’t want to add more flour and I would have to kneed it more. Will they turn out ok?

    1. Admin

      Hi Mhenson, sticky doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t turn out. Some of our best bread has been really sticky dough. If it holds its shape and you can work with it enough to shape it despite the stickiness, it will be probably be just fine.

  8. Susannah

    I made these rolls today, but used a sourdough leaven instead of yeast, it was so good! I made my leaven and added the 1/2 cup water to it after it developed overnight. All other ingredients remained the same. Will totally make again. Perfect for pulled pork sandwiches.


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