Salad in the Summer

A little over a week ago, we enjoyed the first official day of summer. I don’t know about you, but I breathed a sigh of relief. Before that, I was on eggshells, desperately wanting summer but knowing that before June 20th, the weather had made me no promises. Nasty days of rain and wind were a constant threat. I couldn’t decide whether to put away my sweaters and boots or not. While driving to and from work, I would have to have my heater on in the morning and the AC on in the afternoon. I took a couple of ill-advised bike rides where the wind got the better of me. But all that is behind me. Now, I feel I can safely plan a picnic a week in advance or wash my car without worrying about a windy day ruining my work. It’s summer! You are all witnesses. And I plan on living it to the fullest. Continue reading

Stars and Stripes and Apple Pie

Well, here we are again, but before I introduce today’s recipe, let me introduce today! Today is a special day. Happy Flag Day everyone! I’ve been looking into exactly what this day is all about and why it means so much to Americans. It wasn’t until 1949 that National Flag Day was made official by an Act of Congress signed by President Truman, but the Stars and Stripes have been inspiring and reminding people of this country since way before that. Continue reading

Breaking Bread Together

When my large, loud family gets together, we eat. It wouldn’t be a family gathering without it. I’ve been thinking about that. Are we gluttons because we always, always have food when we’re together? I think if you could look into our dining room window and see us together, you wouldn’t think we were so different from you and yours. So, why is food such a necessity to our togetherness? It’s something I’ve noticed over the years. Food has a way of connecting people. There is something bonding about eating together. Continue reading