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    1. Stan Ness

      Hi Dorit,

      It depends on what you are trying to make and the type of einkorn you have on hand. Some types of einkorn are better for bread making than others. I think just about any type should work reasonably well for “quick breads” like pancakes and muffins.

      I’m in the process of experimenting with a type of einkorn from Germany and will post recipes in the next couple of weeks…if all goes well! As you experiment, please share your results with everyone on this site by submitting a recipe, so we can all learn together. 🙂

      It sounds like you may have a mild sensitivity to gluten. Have you had a doctor test you?

  1. Ellen Taylor

    On the rare occasions I am eating wheat these days einkorn with organic corn or ground organic oatmeal are my choices. After 5 years of tasting only salt and sweet,and 35 pounds overweight, I gave up grains. In two days I could taste everything. What I am following is a ketogenic approach , lean protein, healthy fats(0.0, avocado, etc.) Lots of veggies and some fruit. I feel well, have lost 15 pounds and have lots of energy. The distinct thing for me about einkorn vs wheat is one serving will do it! I used want several pieces, now I gladly turn over the rest to my husband. The last time I tried a wheat dessert the gum on one side of my mouth was swollen for 10 days. The point being that not all reactions to modern wheat are celeiac/ digestive based! Take careful note of food effects!


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