Other Names for Einkorn

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We call it “einkorn” but across the world, Triticum monococcum has many names, and that’s no surprise since it’s the world’s most primitive form of wheat.

Here are the names we’ve collected:

  • einkorn (German)
  • small spelt (Italian)
  • farro piccolo (Italian)
  • engrain (French)
  • Le petit épautre (French)
  • tiphe (Greek)
  • siyez (Turkish)
  • sifon (Hebrew)

The list of names is significant because each has a meaning that weaves einkorn’s history through many cultures and regions including the family dinner table, pharaoh’s grain stores, Otzi’s hunting trail, and the fields of family farmers now and from centuries past. We’d like to help bring these traditions and stories to life.

In Italy, the family dinner table of a century ago would include farro for dinner. Farro is a term that refers to one of the 3 primary hulled wheats, emmer, spelt, and einkorn distinguished respectively as farro medio, farro grande, and farro piccolo.

In France, Le petit épautre brings a stronger and wilder taste, unique to the einkorn available in that region. **Update: Andrew, a farmer in France, says petit épautre has a “sweet walnut flavour”

Do you have another name for einkorn, or a story about one of the names we have listed? Please share in the comments below!

Source: Padulosi,S. ; Hammer,K.; Heller,J.(1996): Hulled wheats. 1995

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  1. Andrew permalink
    May 24, 2013

    This is a great article on einkorn. Thanks for sharing! My wife and I run a small farm in Provence where we grow “petit epeautre”, the one with that “stronger, wilder taste”. I find it has a sweet walnut flavour actually. We produce both the grain and stone ground flour (whole or without bran), as well as bran. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking to try some! Bon appetit! – Andrew

    • Janet permalink
      May 31, 2013

      So you have flour ready to buy? How can I get some?

      • admin permalink*
        June 3, 2013

        Hi Janet, I’ll send you an email about this. Thanks!

      • Bob Woods permalink
        March 11, 2015

        Please sent what ever info you may thank is helpful. Thanks, Bob Woods

    • Lisa permalink
      June 12, 2013

      I might also be interested as my family is trying to go wheat free because of the modified wheat. Please send me info also.

    • linda permalink
      July 5, 2013

      I just finished reading ‘wheat belly’ an am looking for a source for einkorn, thanks for any information you can share, linda

    • Jennifer permalink
      July 7, 2013

      Please send me that email as well.. Thanks

    • Sim Ayres permalink
      July 12, 2013

      Hi Andrew . Im a small scale baker , miller and grain grower in Strathbogie , Vic, Australia . Ive been reading a lot about Einkorn , and am facinated by your ‘Petit Epeautre’. Im intrested in growing it here in Australia . Small scale . we have a fairly high rain fall 1000ml , are up at 550 metres and often have frosts in late spring . I guess the questions are .. Would it suit our climate and copuld i buy some seed grain of you [Got to bring it via our vigourous food imports in Australia ] I guess im looking at up to 20 kg to get me started on an acre or so .

      • michelle permalink
        November 16, 2013

        Hi there, was just wondering how you got on importing einkorn into Australia? I would also like to try growing some for our families use.

        • admin permalink*
          November 16, 2013

          No progress on Australia…

      • Marcel Ouellet permalink
        December 3, 2014

        Hi Sim, I am growing spelt (Grand Épeautre) in Québec Canada. Would like to know where are you up to with your Petit Épeutre (Einkon).

        Best Regrds from snow country, Marcel

    • September 13, 2013

      Please tell me how to purchase ground einkorn wheat from you! Thanks so much! Cookiemcbee@yahoo.com

    • April 20, 2015

      Hi Andrew,
      I am planning a trip to France this summer and would love to come see your petit épautre crop. I have a website EverydayDishes.com where we are starting to convert our most popular recipes to include Einkorn. I am ravenously learning about this grain and would love the opportunity to visit you in France. I am also going to visit the Jovial farm in Italy as well.

      This is so exciting.

  2. Janet permalink
    June 12, 2013

    also would be interested in more information on the petit epeautre,
    Thank you.

  3. Erin permalink
    July 13, 2013

    Thanks for the information! I too am interested in trying some of this grain and how it differs from others I’ve had.

  4. July 14, 2013

    who told you sifon is the nme for einkorn in herbrew… to my knowledge sifon means Rye…. just thought you should know…

  5. July 16, 2013

    To really make this healthy, it needs to be baked right after it is ground into flour. Flour starts to oxidate within three days of being ground and it loses vital nutrients, particularly vitamin E. Another good practice is to sprout the wheat before making the bread.

    • Debi Senior permalink
      November 23, 2013

      What does it mean to sprout the wheat?

  6. becki p permalink
    August 5, 2013

    I would be interested in more information on the petit epeautre, as well!
    Thank you.

  7. Renellin permalink
    October 17, 2013

    We are looking to obtain seeds and product ready to use whole grains and flour. My dad tells me do not under any circumstances eat the new wheat as it is killing us.

  8. kathy schnitzer permalink
    November 6, 2013

    My family and I have switched to Einkorn wheat after reading the book, Lose the wheat, lose the weight. I found jovial and their product comes from Italy. They have wheat berries, flour, pasta and more. We have found an improvement in our health since we have been off of GMO wheat!

  9. jen salt permalink
    January 19, 2015

    Is there anyone yet in Australia that bought it from you.I did try to buy it off your website and I just cant.

    • admin permalink*
      January 20, 2015

      Jen, we have been unable to successfully delivery einkorn to Australia.

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