Organic Einkorn Berries in Paper Bags

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Organic Einkorn Berries in Paper Bags

(38 customer reviews)


  • Premium Organic Einkorn Berries (the whole grain).
  • Fast and free shipping options – see below for details.
  • Packaged in sturdy paper bags.
  • 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
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  • Certified USDA Organic Einkorn Berries (the whole grain).
  • Premium food grade.  Prepared for sprouting*, milling flour for baking, or used as a whole grain for salads, pilafs and soups.
  • Free shipping via UPS to U.S. (lower 48 states) on 48 lb package. 48 lb package includes 2 bags, 24 lbs each. No PO boxes allowed.
  • Fedex 2 day shipping to the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska.
  • USPS Priority Mail shipping available to Hawaii, Alaska, APO, FPO.
  • For orders shipping to Canada, please order from the Canada order page.
  • Packaged in sturdy paper bags to eliminate contact with plastic, maintain freshness, and reduce waste.  Our packaging is designed to reduce wasted shipping carton space and ensure our customers get the most of the shipping.
  • Plus, your purchase is secured by PayPal’s Buyer Protection Program and our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

We recommend milling your own flour; the nutrients are better preserved and the flour is far superior to what you could buy commercially. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for the mills we recommend. We hope you enjoy organic Einkorn!

*Hull removal affects germination rate, which we tested and found to be 40-50%.

38 reviews for Organic Einkorn Berries in Paper Bags

  1. Emily

    I’ve purchased several times and have gotten consistent quality grain. The price is the best online as well with the flat rate shipping even to Alaska! Thanks for a great product!

  2. Sherry Hudson

    Lovely grain with excellent flavor, we grind fresh flour and its amazing!

  3. Ines

    I have a question, has the husk been removed, since I like to sprout mine first, for this to work, the husk can’t be removed.

    • Admin

      Ines, the hull has been removed from the einkorn berries. However we have sprouted them with success. They have about a 40-60% germination rate. So, many of them will sprout even without the hull.

  4. George

    I’m considering purchasing einkorn berries

  5. Yael

    Can you tell me your recommendation for mill machin please?

    • Admin

      Yael, we do have a couple of wheat grinders that we know are good. We have linked to them on our FAQ page. You can look at them here.

  6. Jodi

    What would the recommended amount of berries be for a beginner? I’m curious how many cups or pounds of flour would come from 7.5 pounds of berries.

    • Admin

      Hi Jodi, In a 7.5lb bag, there are about 15 cups of einkorn. One cup of berries grinds to about 1.5 cups of flour. So, the amount depends on how much you bake. If you’re experimenting with einkorn for the first time, it would be safe to stick with the 7.5 or 2.5lb bags, but like I said, it depends on whether or not you tend to bake a lot.

  7. Lisa Blakeslee

    Interested in trying this healthy grain!

  8. Ercilia

    I ordered Organic Einkorn Berries in Paper Bags → 7.5 lbs and I received 3 lbs of whole grain fresh stone ground einkorn flour in plastic bags. I’m happy with the product anyway but I was expecting the berries in paper bags.

  9. Ercilia

    I am very happy because I received the berries in paper bag and I really did not expect it. Thank you very much.

    • Admin

      Hi Ercilia, I’m glad that the product was as you wanted. I hope you enjoy the berries!

  10. Amy Puls

    I’ve bought two 7.5 lb bags of Einkorn berries from this company so far. I grind them in my own flour mill and they make absolutely delicious bread! Each recipe make about 12-15 pieces of bread and I probably get about three recipes out of each bag. I freeze the cooked and finished bread slices in a zip-loc bag and it keeps just fine. I only eat bread for breaksfast so it lasts a long time for me. What I love best is to fry a piece in butter in my cast iron skillet with an egg dropped in a small hole I make in the middle. Flip it over after a few minutes. Einkorn is sticky and you can’t roll it out like most dough without adding a lot (too much) of extra flour. I get the best results by just dumping it right into the loaf pan after letting it rise. You can either let it slow-rise all day on the counter, or 30-minute rise in an oven with just the light on, and then another rise after you put it in the loaf pan.

    • Admin

      Hi Amy, thank you for the awesome tips! We’re glad you are enjoying the berries and getting the hang of it!

  11. Robbin

    12 + years on gluten free diet (thyroid issues, including very severe gluten intolerance) – after reading several articles and watching the scientific trial data, I decided to try baking/eating einkorn. I soaked the berries, dried them, ground them, started an einkorn sourdough starter, waited…..finally made waffles (yum! I ate one and waited… no reactions) 2 days later, I made sourdough bread. Super YUM! I am going in for antibody check soon, but since I had had immediate physical reactions to gluten and have NOT experienced anything negative so far, I am hopeful that this is my way back to baking!!!!! So glad you are growing this ancient wheat again 🙂

    • Admin

      Hi Robbin, that’s so exciting! It can definitely be a game changer.

  12. Argo N. Jason

    I just read Robbin’s review of 10-24-17. I am very interested in the idea of soaking Einkorn as a part of baking it. For years I have baked and consumed Einkorn, but recently a blood test showed I and my wife are gluten/wheat intolerant. I have read that soaking or fermenting or sourdough removes/changes the gluten toxicity. Is this so? Also, can you please share Robbin’s recipe for soaking then drying Einkorn? Thanks,

    • Admin

      Hi Argo, thank you for your question. Soaking or fermenting, does make the grain more digestible because it has partially been digested through the fermentaion process. It also eliminates the phytic acid that keeps your body from being able to absorb the nutrients, so I definitely recommend it. I’m not sure what recipe you are referring to. I would suggest getting it directly from the source.

  13. Neil Fusillo

    Always fresh, fantastic grain. I got hooked on einkorn years ago and used to buy the all purpose flour in small batches, but I’ve found I far prefer using it fresh-ground as whole wheat einkorn. It doesn’t have the bitter whole wheat flavour as regular red wheat (or even white wheat) berries, but is packed full of nutrients. is my ONLY source these days, as I’ve tried several sources, and they’re the best.

  14. Sally Enns

    I purchased the flour last year as did not know that I could purchase the berries. Wonderful. It’s definitely different than hard red wheat berries, that I’ve used for 20+ years, but lovely. Going to order the berries now.

    • Admin

      Hi Sally, we are glad you are enjoying the flour and hope you enjoy the berries too! It is quite different from modern wheat, but once you get the hang of it, it makes delightful baked goods!

  15. M burch

    I’m exiciting about introducing my family to an ancient grain!

  16. Julene

    I am curious about this wheat and very interested in trying. One review indicated that the dough is very sticky. I always soak/sprout my wheat, dry it and grind it, which seems to change the texture somewhat. Has anyone had experience making bread in a bread machine and do the loaves come out ok?

  17. Wendy Reagan

    Hi, how long will the berries store for?

    • Admin

      Hi Wendy, the berries have a similar shelf life to wheat and will last for years if stored cool and dry.

  18. Frances Galantine

    I have been making einkorn goods for over 1 year. I recently aquired a stone grinder, and ground my first batch. I want to make some bread that is
    ‘all purpose” (whiter), Do I sift it after grinding. I use the Jovial book and love her recipes. Some recipes call for all purpose, do I have to order it seperately?

    • Admin

      Hi Frances, to get something that more closely approaches all-purpose flour you can sift. All-purpose flour goes through a lot more processing than that, however, so it won’t be exactly the same. I personally never use all-purpose flour. I just grind it very fine and watch consistency when adapting recipes, but sifting will help.

  19. Mary Prather

    I have a question…I don’t have a mill…do you sell it already milled?

    • Admin

      Hi Mary, we always recommend grinding your own flour if it’s possible because of the flavor and nutrition, so I highly recommend this mill if you are considering that plunge. If you aren’t quite ready for that, we do sell all-purpose flour, but it is a white flour meaning the bran and germ have been removed so it’s much less nutritious. We hope to sell whole grain flour soon but we’re not there yet.

  20. Summer Melvin

    If i soak the berries first, how do I go about drying them?

    • Admin

      Hi Summer, we use a dehydrator. I believe it can be done in the oven, but you’ll want to look up methods to ensure they are completely dry.

  21. charisse wall

    I can not wait to try einkorn flour in making bread

  22. Dianne Thomsen

    Have been using einkorn for about 3 lives of bread! Amazing flavor!

  23. Joy Wallen

    Can’t wait to try Einkorn berries! Thank you for all the information here!!?

  24. Kathy Ford

    YAY…ordered my Mockmill 200. Anxiously waiting for it’s delivery. Checking on Einkorn berries to purchase. I would like to know the best way to store the berries for long term as the amount of 3.5 barrels are a little much at this time. SO…what is the best method to store these berries if I choose to purchase several pounds of berries at this point. I’m a semi-prepsteader and do not want to waste any prescious berries. I am waiting to make sourdough bread and pastas!

    • Admin

      Hi Kathy, the berries will last for a long time if stored cool and dry. If you live in a very humid place or a place prone to pests, you can consider freezing or refrigerating them. But in a closed container, cool and dry, they should last quite a while.

  25. Candace

    Haven’t tried the wheat yet.

    • Admin

      Hi Candace, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  26. Madu

    Do you ship Einkorn Berries to Canada. Postal Code L9K1A9.
    Shipping Charges please. Thank you.

    • Admin

      Hi Madu, please go here for our Canada order page. Shipping can be calculated in the cart.

  27. Abi

    Do you grow the einkorn without glyphosate? Which pesticides are used? Than You.

    • Admin

      Hi Abi, we do not use glyphosate or any pesticides or herbicides at any stage of the process.

  28. Libby Schaefer

    Haven’t used einkorn very much. So look forward to recipes to try when I do get some. Can’t really rate something I’ve never used.

  29. Karen

    I have made sourdough einkorn bread with these berries. We grind them ourselves and it is wonderful.

  30. Sara Rich

    Local product without harmful use of pesticides! So happy to find this!

  31. Kim Ashcraft

    I live in St. Anthony. Would I be able to come pick a 7.5 lb bag up from you?

    • Admin

      Hi Kim, we do have a local pickup option through the website. You can select that and then send an email to [email protected] letting us know when you’d like to come. Give us a couple of days notice.

  32. Krista

    Received my einkorn berries last week. I’ve mostly baked with the all purpose einkorn so I was a bit nervous about baking whole einkorn. I started with waffles and made three batches that came out wonderfully. Tonight I finished my first batch of bagels. The whole grain is a bit harder to work with but provides great results and I’m so glad for the alternative grain my family can enjoy while dealing with gluten intolerance.

  33. SHERRY

    Lovely looking recipes. Prices are amazing,

  34. Z Tercheria

    Recieved my 48 lbs of Einkorn Berries today and getting started on my first loaves. I shopped and shopped and shopped and these are the best per pound price I could find on line – kind of important for someone making a commitment to bake fresh Einkorn bread for the family each week. I also like that it comes from Teton, Idaho – a beautiful area we travelled through this past summer. Love to support American Farmers! Grain appearance and smell looks fresh – will put the paper bags inside the 5 gallon food safe plastic buckets I purchased and keep them in my pantry. Thanks!

  35. Norma Carter

    I’ve just learned about Einkorn flour, & purchased 10lbs. I’ve made 3 loaves of bread so far, & the taste is fantastic! Even my husband liked it. Now, I’m trying to see about getting a Mockmill—hopefully soon! Thank you very much for such an informative site!

  36. Upavas

    Much much better than the commercial Jovial product. I am milling the Einkorn myself and baking sourdough with it. It’s taste is unrivaled and it is very easily digestible. I am hoping to be able to buy Einkorn from here again soon, had to wait for a long time and my reserves are depleted. This stuff is worth gold!

  37. Monica

    Can I make flour by grinding the berries in a Vitamix?

    • Admin

      Hi Monica, yes you can, but you will have to do a little at a time and it will not be as fine as what you can get with a mill.

  38. Leigh Schenkelberg

    Just recently changed over my pantry to just Einkorn flour. Thx for the options.

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