Organic Einkorn Berries in Super-Pails

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Organic Einkorn Berries in Super-Pails

(18 customer reviews)


  • Premium Food Grade Organic Einkorn Berries (the whole grain).
  • Free Shipping to Lower 48 States
  • Packaged in super pails (see below for details).
  • 3.5 gallon – 26.5LBS net weight.
  • 6 gallon – 43LBS net weight.
  • Secured by our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
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  • Certified USDA Organic Einkorn Berries (the whole grain).
  • Packaged as a Super Pail, which means we use a white HDPE (food grade) bucket with a 4.3MIL mylar bag placed inside, and a 2000CC oxygen absorber inside the heat sealed mylar bag to maintain freshness, reduce moisture, bugs, and waste. A sealed lid is set once the mylar bag and contents are sealed.
  • The 6 gallon super-pail contains 43LBS of einkorn berries, while the 3.5 gallon super pail contains 26.5LBS.
  • Premium food grade for sprouting*, milling flour for baking, or used as a whole grain for salads, pilafs and soups.
  • Shipped Best Rate Shipping, which is typically 7-10 day shipping LTL (pallet on truck) to the United States, 48 continental states only. For orders shipping to Canada, please contact us or order from the Canada order page.
  • Plus, your purchase is secured by PayPal’s Buyer Protection Program and our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

We recommend milling your own flour; the nutrients are better preserved and the flour is far superior to what you could buy commercially. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for the mills we recommend. We hope you enjoy organic Einkorn!

  • Contact us if you would like pricing for packages other than those listed here, or for shipping outside the US or Canada.
  • You can also apply for apply for bulk or wholesale pricing if you want to resell, setup a group order, or order quantities larger than what we offer here or packaged in a way not offered here.

*Hull removal affects germination rate, which we tested and found to be 40-50%. Length of storage also affects germination rate.

18 reviews for Organic Einkorn Berries in Super-Pails

  1. Christopher Hack

    I just received my first 3.5 gallon bucket and immediately opened it up to try out the wheat. The aroma is pleasant. This is definitely a soft wheat as my stone mill ran much quieter than when I mill hard white wheat. I made a batch of pancakes with the flour and the taste and texture are quite pleasant. I look forward to making bread with this flour.

    • Admin

      Hi Christopher, thank you so much for taking the time to write some feedback. We are glad you are enjoying the berries so far. If you have questions along the way, feel free to reach out.

  2. Trudy

    Have not had the pleasure of tasting, smelling, or touching ‘Einkorn’ Berries, flour, or anything to do with it. Never heard of this flour until today.
    I use to work at a Co-op in Spokane, WA. Have always leaned to natural, whole foods. I look forward to learning about this interesting grain.
    When will you have some in Stock?

    • Admin

      Hi Trudy, our new facility should be up in a month or so, and we’ll be able to process the einkorn we have at that point.

  3. Paula Tipton

    I love cooking with Einkorn flour!
    Is it possible to put in cart and wait until available?
    What is your suggestion?
    Thank you

    • Admin

      Hi Paula, the website won’t allow that, but I’d be happy to notify you when it’s back in stock!

  4. maria ricci

    I’m interested in placing an order – please let me know when the whole grain is back in stock.

    • Admin

      Hi Maria, I’d be happy to notify you when it’s back in stock. Thank you!

  5. BriGitte

    As a new sourdough baker I am interested in baking with Einkorn. please inform me when the berries are back in stock.
    Thank you very much.

    • Admin

      Hi BriGitte, I would be happy to notify you when they are back in stock. Thank you!

  6. James

    Hi, this product looks AMAZING! Please notify me when it is back in stock. After I get my hands on some I’ll update this review. Also, how long will the berries last in unopened pails?

    thank you,


    • Admin

      Hi James, the berries will last for years stored that way unopened. I’d be happy to let you know when they’re available again. Let me know if you have further questions.

  7. Natalya Klestov

    I would love to purchase too. Please notify me when back in stock. Blessings, Natalie

  8. Rhonda Swetnam

    Hi. I have used Einkorn wheat in the past and I love it. I love the idea of the storage pails and would love to order some when they’re back in stock. Would you mind notifying me when you have them available to ship? Thank you so much!

    • Admin

      Hi Rhonda, I’d be happy to notify you when they’re available again.

  9. Kristina Steves

    Do you know when the flour will be available? I’m coming at the bit in anticipation lol.

  10. Kristina Steves

    Ugh, that was supposed to say chomping at the bit.

  11. Valene Contor

    Please add Me to your list to let me know when it is in stock.

  12. Jessica Markley

    Can’t wait to try this. Please let me know when its back in stock.

  13. Ashley Harley-Davidson

    Wecan’t wait to purchase, please add me to your list.

    • Admin

      I will definitely notify you. Thank you!

  14. Kay Spencer

    Amazing Einkorn!! Please will you let me know when you have it back in stock. Thank you for your hard work and your service to humanity!!

    • Admin

      I’ll definitely let you know!

  15. Adriienne

    I’m just finding out about this wheat, glad you have it in stock. I usually buy two types of wheat. A pastry wheat flour for stuff like pancakes, waffles. and a “regular” wheat for bread. Can this wheat be used for both? Also, I have some einkorn wheat seeds. Can these be ground into flour? Thanks!

    • Admin

      Hi Adriienne, I’ve used this flour for just about everything, but if you’re used to an all-purpose flour for your pastries and things, this won’t turn out the same. We don’t currently offer all-purpose but you could do some sifting to get something that more closely approaches all-purpose. If you have einkorn seed, it is likely still in the hull. The hull is inedible and shouldn’t be ground or eaten.

  16. Charles Decelles

    I bought the Super pail. I have been baking bread with it for the last 2 months. I use Einkorn and about 1/4 rye flour, also from berries. The bread is super tasty and the house smells so good after the bread starts baking. I am really impressed with the product!!

  17. Nanette Crawford

    Do these pail have some sort of oxygen remover in them for long term storage? I am unfamiliar with long term storage for when we can’t buy essential items, as happened during Covid. Thank you for all you do.

  18. Adelina Nava

    Beautiful clean berries! I have made bread, pancakes and two batches of scones in the same week as per the request of my family! I love the flour texture that I get from milling on my stone mill. I am using this in place of soft white now.

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