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Ancient Einkorn (also known in Italy as farro piccolo) is high in vitamins and nutrients, and contains a different type of gluten, which makes it a first choice for many who are gluten sensitive. We grow einkorn on our farm in Teton, Idaho, and enjoy cooking and eating einkorn foods together as a family, and we hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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Organic Einkorn Berries in Paper Bag

Organic Einkorn Berries in Paper Bags

  • As Low As $2.97/LB
  • 2.5, 7.5, 15, and 22.5 LBS Options
  • Ideal For Short-Term Storage
  • Flat Rate USPS 2-3 Day Priority Shipping
Organic einkorn berries in super-pails

Organic Einkorn Berries in Super-Pails

  • As Low As $2.95/LB
  • 3.5 and 6 Gallon Sizes With Options Ranging From 258 To 516 LBS
  • Ideal For Long-Term Storage
  • Flat Rate Pallet Shipping