Einkorn Pasta – A Surprising Delight

I usually tell people that whole grain pastas were never meant to be. They are slimy, don’t mix in the flavor of the sauce, and fall apart very easily on the plate.  But after eating einkorn pasta, I’m taking that all back.

Jovial Foods Spaghetti Whole Grain Einkorn Pasta

Jovial Foods Spaghetti Whole Grain Einkorn Pasta

I never considered that einkorn pasta could be very different than any other whole grain pasta until Jovial sent a free sample to talk about on the blog. Even then, it sat on my shelf for quite some time because I didn’t think it was worth trying.

Finally, I felt up to it one day and cooked the pasta for dinner. WOW! I loved it, and so did my entire family. I went to The Good Earth (our local health food store) and found it to be available at a great discount so I bought several more boxes.

A special dinner with guests was coming up so I decided to cook up the einkorn pasta with my special pesto  recipe.  It was a hit with our guests too!

The einkorn pasta adds a perfect flavor to the dish and it doesn’t taste grainy or feel slimy.  Instead, it was sweet, slightly nutty, rich in flavor, the texture was very desirable.  Einkorn’s nutritional qualities combined with the tasty pasta make it real winner in my book.  Nice work Jovial!

I noticed they have several types of einkorn pasta listed for sale on Amazon but it’s often out of stock so it must be popular.  Check out some of the pastas they offer:

Thanks to Jovial, I can eat whole grain pasta (and like it). Have any of you tried the einkorn pasta from Jovial? If so, leave a comment. I’m interested to know how you liked it.

27 thoughts on “Einkorn Pasta – A Surprising Delight

  1. Jo

    I recently tried the einkorn pasta by Jovial. After I bought it and looked at the product, I thought I wasn’t going to like it because it looked like all the other whole wheat pasta I had tried and didn’t like. But I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it tasted delicious. If it wasn’t for the color, I would have thought that it was the regular white pasta.

  2. Lori

    I, too, have had the same complaints about whole wheat pastas. But my food coop was offering the Jovial brand and the Einkorn grain peaked my interest as being a grain high in protein. My husband is diabetic and when I can find a grain higher in protein (i.e. quinoa) I find any excuse to try it.
    The pasta was wonderful! It cooked up beautifully and TASTED even better. I’ll be ordering more as soon as I can.

  3. Liz

    I’m living in Canada and would like to try the Einkorn flour but can’t find a source…anyone know where I can get the flour?

    I found a source for the pasta but they have no flour. Amazon won’t ship the Jovial products to Canada and there seems to be no Canadian source (astonishing to me in the land of wheat, but there you go)

    Very much looking forward to the pasta at least.

      1. Liz

        Hope this doesn’t get to you too late….I get the pasta from shoporganic.com. Honestly the shipping is almost prohibitive, but the pasta is delicious. I contacted Jovial Foods and asked them about a Canadian distributor and they said that they were trying to find one…

        1. Susanne Topelko

          The Market on Millstream located at 125-2401C Millstream Road Victoria, BC V9B 3R5
          (250) 391-1110 said that they would carry it. They just need to talk to a representative of the company.

    1. Wood

      I too live in Canada, have friends bought Jovial pasta and love that so much. Two of my family members can’t eat gluten but Einkorn is perfectly fine! I since then find a farmer in Canada who sell einkorn grain and flour. I started making my own pasta and bread with the flour and works well after a few experiments.

      1. Liz

        Hi Wood. I had looked at this website but decided not to purchase here for two main reasons:

        1) it is identified as a proprietary strain, which means the genes may have been tampered with
        2) it is not organic.

        I have seen some companies interested in genetically engineering einkorn to make it even more nutritious etc. etc. and it’s very important to me to go back to the organic source of original einkorn, otherwise we are getting into the same problem we have with modern wheat.

        My choice though.

        I’m trying to ship some flour to Canada from a source in the US grown from original einkorn from gene banks in the middle east which I personally feel is about as authoritative a strain as I can get on earth from my location. I’m having trouble getting it through the postal system/customs. If it is successful, I’ll post it for everyone to use.

        1. John Husband

          Prime Einkorn is grown only by certified organic Canadian farmers and processed only by certified organic processors. 

          Prime Einkorn has been trademarked by it’s farmer owned company, Prime Grains Inc. and is a landrace variety grown only by natural selection for thousands of years and has many of the characteristics of wild einkorn.  The “Prime” brand means no genetic modification.

    2. H. M. Miller

      There are a few suppliers in Canada – just Google Einkorn grain+canada. After listening to the audio of Wheat Belly, I knew I had to find something local so that I could keep baking. There is one grower in Regina who ships a variety of products. There’s another grower north of Edmonton. Now, after reading the rave reviews, I have to locate Jovial products in the Toronto area.

      1. J. Jordan

        Hi to all Canadians,

        I have found another carrier that also ships Jovial’s Einkorn products to Canada.

        They don’t have as many of the the jovial products as shoporganic, but vitacost’s shipping charges seem the best of any one that I’ve found so far.!

        Check it out.


        One day, a Canadian distributor is going to partner with Jovial and figure out there’s a huge market in this big country right beside the U.S. Wonder who will be first out of the gate… hint hint hint….

      2. Sandy F.

        H.M. Miller, would you be able to tell me who the farmer north of Edmonton is, as I also live north of Edmonton and would like to see if I could possibly get Einkorn there? Thanks.

    3. Heidi

      Liz I see your post is so old. It’s like 2015 now. But if you want the best Einkorn flour whole grain I buy mine from Anita’s Mill. You can go there (chilliwack bc) or order online. But right now they don’t sell it on line. You can pre order the flour in 10 and 20kg bags. Makes my large loaves for about $2.50 a loaf of I buy the 20kg bag. I hope you’ve found luck since your 2011 post!

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  5. Jennifer

    Just to let everyone know, I have recently found Jovial products in my Natural Grocer (Vitamin Cottage) store. I live in the U.S. so not sure if NGs are anywhere else.


  6. subrosa

    I live near the US border in the lower mainland BC and go over the border often. Is there a store that sells Einkorn wheat products in Bellingham, Washington? I asked at the Choices store in Surrey, BC if they carried Einkorn. They had never heard of it and they have a fairly good selection of organic food items.

  7. Esther

    I live in Vancouver, B.C., and have been having a hard time finding a way to access einkorn products. After much research, weighing the cost of shipping, etc., I decided to by a grain mill (Komo) and organic Einkorn berries from fieldstoneorganics.ca. That mill was a big investment, and so it will take me a long, long time to break even on the cost-savings, but I figure the health benefits of being able to access freshly milled flour is priceless anyway. Fieldstone Organics also carry dent corn which you can grind into fresh cornmill using the Komo grain mill. It was surprisingly difficult to find a source of dent corn in Vancouver (and hard to find someone who carries both einkorn and dent corn), so two birds with one stone!

    The major downside is that I need to buy a 5kg bag to help offset the cost of shipping… so if anyone finds a local source for einkorn berries or dent corn, please let me know! ([email protected])

  8. Diana Martina

    For my birthday was given the Kitchenaid pasta press and I’d like to use freshly milled whole grain einkorn. Do you have a recipe that will work for pasta? Thanks

    1. Admin

      Hi Diana, you can try this recipe. You can also just substitute the whole grain flour in a pasta recipe that calls for all-purpose flour. You will just want to watch consistency. I hope that helps.


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