einkorn sugar cookie with pink glaze frosting on a cooking rack

Einkorn Sugar Cookies

This sugar cookie recipe is made with all-purpose einkorn flour. These sugar cookies hold their shape when baked and are soft and chewy.

sugar cookie recipe made with all-purpose einkorn flour

If you’re wondering how to make sugar cookies using all-purpose Einkorn flour, just follow the directions in the recipe and you’ll have delicious sugar cookies in no time!

This is an easy sugar cookie recipe. This recipe makes 18-24 soft and chewy sugar cookies. You can roll these cookies out and cut into shapes or you can roll the dough balls in sugar and bake into simple round sugar cookies.

You can use a simple buttercream frosting recipe on these sugar cookies or you can use a glaze which shown in the pictures.

soft and chewy sugar cookies on a cooking rack

These homemade sugar cookies, made with all -purpose einkorn flour, hold their shape and are easy to frost.

einkorn sugar cookies with glaze

Tips for making the best einkorn sugar cookies:

-Make sure your butter is at room temperature before mixing the sugar cookies.

-Don’t over-mix the cookies. Cream the butter and sugars together but after you add the baking soda and baking powder, mix only until the ingredients are combined. This will keep the dough from having a pasty consistency.

-After the dough is mixed, chill the sugar cookie dough in the fridge for 1 hour before rolling out and cutting into shapes.

-After baking, let the cookies cool on the baking sheet before removing.

Sugar cookies made with einkorn flour on a cooling rack

11 thoughts on “Einkorn Sugar Cookies

  1. Andrea Ray

    So to make these cookies, I just sift my freshly ground Einkorn berries to create all purpose flour?
    New to grinding!

    1. Admin

      Hi Andrea, all-purpose flour requires commercial equipment. You can just substitute whole grain flour or you can sift it to get something that more closely approaches all-purpose flour.

  2. Harold Burton

    I was just wondering what to make for dinner tomorrow night…problem solved….the clincher was the cut up carrots….I had just cleaned out my pantry and found a can of pinto beans and one of white beans..so was a no–brainer…but I like the idea of the carrots…also the olives…never have used it in chili before, so will be a new experience…

  3. Joseph Donahue

    This was delicious! I was afraid of the fennel…but it gave the sauce the best flavor! I didn’t have fresh oregano…I’m sure it would have been even better! Thanks so much..it’s a keeper.

    1. Admin

      Hi Soniya, you definitely can. I believe these were baked with commercially made all-purpose flour. We aren’t currently selling that, but sifting it yourself will yield something similar.

  4. Kelly Hubbard

    I made this tonight almost exactly as the new directions say. I had baked chicken left over from Sunday dinner so I used cooked chicken instead of raw. I just added the chicken and the rice a little later. It was not too thick at all. In fact just perfect. I love soup. Will be a family favorite.

  5. Ashley Jones

    Very useful information. Presently dealing with an open wound due to Venus insuffiency. What do u think is profitable? Eating foods with zinc or taking zinc picolinate supplements to somewhat strengthen vein walls. Thank you.

    1. Admin

      Hi Ashley, we would recommend speaking to medical professionals about something like that. It’s always a good idea to get as many vitamins as you can from food sources, but sometimes supplementing is necessary.


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