Announcing: Organic Whole Grain Organic Einkorn Flour, Fresh-Milled And Stone Ground

As we’ve learned from speaking with our customers, many people prefer whole grain einkorn flour (over our All-Purpose Einkorn Flour) but don’t have a mill to make their own.  

Our new Organic Whole Grain Einkorn Flour solves that problem!

Whole Grain Einkorn Flour

It took us awhile to release this product because we wanted to do it right. We had to get all the equipment in place but it was more than that…

We wanted this whole grain einkorn flour to be as close as possible to what you would have if you milled it at home using a countertop stone mill.  We wanted it to be fresh.  We wanted it to be stone ground.  

You’re probably thinking: Isn’t the idea of buying fresh-milled flour an oxymoron?  


Usually flour sits on the store shelf forever so they add preservatives and/or remove the most nutritious parts of the grain to make it shelf stable.  

We wanted this new product to be the real deal – fresh as it gets, and that’s exactly what we’ve done! Here are some quick highlights:

  • Organic Fresh-Milled 100% Whole Grain Einkorn Flour.
  • Milled fresh in our stone mill, just minutes before it ships to you. This provides you the most nutritious and flavorful flour we can give you
  • Our mill is dedicated exclusively to organic einkorn. Worried about a wheat or nut sensitivity? No need. Our mill only mills einkorn, so the flour is as pure as possible.
  • Certified USDA Organic.  Unbromated and Unbleached – No additives.  Period.
  • Premium food grade.  Prepared for use in baking, including breads, batters, soups, and desserts.
  • On milling day (we mill every few days), it’s shipped USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day shipping to the United States, including Hawaii, Alaska, and APO/FPO.
  • Packaged in sturdy paper bags to eliminate contact with plastic, maintain freshness, and reduce waste.  Our packaging is designed to reduce wasted shipping carton space and ensure the package we ship to you is full – no shipping space wasted.
  • Plus, your purchase is secured by our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guaranteed

>>Click here to order our new Fresh-Milled Organic Whole Grain Einkorn Flour

Fresh-Milled, Organic Whole Grain Einkorn Flour

17 thoughts on “Announcing: Organic Whole Grain Organic Einkorn Flour, Fresh-Milled And Stone Ground

  1. Claire Dillenburg

    3rd try making sourdough starter. Using whole grain. Getting lots of bubbles, fluid then yellow on the bottom. So, I’m I to scrape aside all the bubble mass and use just the bottom yellow? Not much there. Thanks

    1. Betty

      Hi, love love love my Einkorn! I use a home mill and keep a sourdough starter going, but have much to learn. One question I have been wondering about, my husband has been eating oatmeal daily in an attempt to lower his cholesterol. I have encouraged him to eat einkorn instead, feeling it would more than likely be more nutritious, and more effective in lowering cholesterol than the oatmeal. Is there any research out there?

  2. Patrick

    I feed every week. I try to feed and increase the amount of starter I need the day (12-24 hrs) before starting the bread…

    I pull it out of fridge 6-10 hours before I start mixing with the flour(s) if I did not get the opportunity to feed and increase amount of starter the day or two before….

    I have allowed the autolayse to work up to 36 hrs before baking …. amazing flavours❣️… I Love Einkorn…

  3. goldnmom2

    I just received Whole Grain Einkorn flour, (2) 5# bags. Should the flour be stored in the freezer or refrigerator until time to use? So anxious to try out recipes. I did make some kefir-soaked sourdough bread. So delicious. Thanks.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hello, either one is fine. It just depends how quickly you think you’ll use it. Just make sure they are in an airtight container.

  4. Bettie Need

    We have been using All Purpose Einkorn flour for years and this is the first I have heard that I can get the wheat berries! I have my own grain mill that I use for Prairie Gold wheat berries, Spelt and Kamut berries. I notice you have a sifter available. What is the advantage of a sifter?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Bettie, a sifter just removes some of the larger particles to acheive a lighter flour. Honestly, we hardly every use one because we don’t want to miss out on all the nutrients, but those who want something a little closer to all-purpose may want to use one.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi LaCinda, Yes, einkorn does great with cakes, but you may want to start with cake recipes written for einkorn as it doesn’t behave exactly the same as modern wheat. The liquid content is usually less.


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