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Other Names for Einkorn

We call it “einkorn” but across the world, Triticum monococcum has many names, and that’s no surprise since it’s the world’s most primitive form of wheat.

The most popular name, einkorn, is German for “one grain”. This refers to how taxonomists identify einkorn in the wild. Einkorn has one row of grains on each side, whereas modern wheat has two rows on each side.

There are many different names for einkorn.

Here are the names we’ve collected:

  • einkorn (German)
  • small spelt (Italian)
  • farro piccolo (Italian)
  • engrain (French)
  • Le petit épautre (French)
  • tiphe (Greek)
  • siyez (Turkish)
  • sifon (Hebrew)

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