Einkorn Caramel Chocolate Beet Cake

Can I just tell you how much I love this cake? It’s a lot! Ever since we last made it, I’ve wanted to make it again. I just need a good excuse. I remember a time when, for some reason, my brother was really into making chocolate cake. He had gotten this recipe down for really dense, moist chocolate cake. He made it almost every night for a while, and I do not exaggerate. Well, just a few weeks ago I was thinking how much I missed that and how long it had been since I had a really good chocolate cake. So when we started developing this recipe, I was excited to find a healthy alternative to the rich chocolate cake my brother used to make. And let me tell you, I certainly didn’t feel like I was eating health food.

Chocolate Beet Cake 005

You’ll notice the richness and moisture of this cake. We adapted the Green Smoothie Girl’s method for adding steamed beets to chocolate cake. It sounds strange, but I am a believer. Of course the beet taste is entirely overpowered but it adds a delightful texture that is so hard to come by sometimes when working with whole grains.The addition of coconut flour was another important find. For some reason, it really offsets some of the common difficulties that come when working with Einkorn flour.

The hardest part about this recipe was finding a suitable frosting to top it. We tried several things that just didn’t quite finish it like we wanted. So, we decided to use this recipe for pecan caramel and make it a caramel chocolate cake. What I don’t know is why we didn’t think of it sooner. What goes better with chocolate than caramel? It has definitely earned a place in our permanent healthy dessert file. Like I said, I’m just waiting for another excuse to make it.

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