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The Best Way to Mill Einkorn Grain Into Flour

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We all have that whole foodie friend in our lives – the one who puts kale in everything and grinds their own flour before baking. Their lifestyle is admirable and something to be commended but seems a little far out for the average household.

Think again!

There are many reasons why milling your own flour is the best way to go.  If you don’t already do it, it’s something you should look into – it’s not only for your foodie neighbor.

What is Just-in-Time milling? Say goodbye to Continue reading

4 Einkorn Recipes For Thanksgiving

Wait! Before you start cooking for Thanksgiving, here are some recipes you may want to add to the menu.  They will also come in handy for the day after Thanksgiving.

Turkey and mashed potatoes is only the beginning. From sides to desserts to what to do with the leftovers, we’ve got you covered.

Thanksgiving is a day everyone should be able to enjoy. Those who can’t eat wheat miss out on a lot during the holidays (Thanksgiving without rolls and pie? What’s the point?). All these recipes are made with einkorn so all your guests with wheat sensitivities will be as thankful as everyone else! And don’t forget to look below the recipes for our Black Friday deal!

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Cheat Day: Einkorn Maple Bars

Around here, eating healthy is a way of life. That might sound like we don’t have any fun. Not so! We’ve set up our lives in such a way that, even when we cheat, it’s something we can still feel okay about. Our cheating doesn’t involve going to the grocery store and buying oreos and gummy bears in bulk, but we do cheat! And we love every minute of it. Continue reading

Salad in the Summer

A little over a week ago, we enjoyed the first official day of summer. I don’t know about you, but I breathed a sigh of relief. Before that, I was on eggshells, desperately wanting summer but knowing that before June 20th, the weather had made me no promises. Nasty days of rain and wind were a constant threat. I couldn’t decide whether to put away my sweaters and boots or not. While driving to and from work, I would have to have my heater on in the morning and the AC on in the afternoon. I took a couple of ill-advised bike rides where the wind got the better of me. But all that is behind me. Now, I feel I can safely plan a picnic a week in advance or wash my car without worrying about a windy day ruining my work. It’s summer! You are all witnesses. And I plan on living it to the fullest. Continue reading

Stars and Stripes and Apple Pie

Well, here we are again, but before I introduce today’s recipe, let me introduce today! Today is a special day. Happy Flag Day everyone! I’ve been looking into exactly what this day is all about and why it means so much to Americans. It wasn’t until 1949 that National Flag Day was made official by an Act of Congress signed by President Truman, but the Stars and Stripes have been inspiring and reminding people of this country since way before that. Continue reading

Breaking Bread Together

When my large, loud family gets together, we eat. It wouldn’t be a family gathering without it. I’ve been thinking about that. Are we gluttons because we always, always have food when we’re together? I think if you could look into our dining room window and see us together, you wouldn’t think we were so different from you and yours. So, why is food such a necessity to our togetherness? It’s something I’ve noticed over the years. Food has a way of connecting people. There is something bonding about eating together. Continue reading

Wake Up with Waffles

Good morning world! Isn’t it a beautiful day? You may be rolling your eyes at me and agreeing with Zooey Deschanel when she said “In an ideal world no one would talk before 10 am. people would just hug, because waking up is really hard.” I get you. There seems to be two kinds of mornings. The I-just-got-hit-by-a-train-and-can’t-believe-anyone-expects-me-to-function kind and the I-love-myself-and-I’m-ready-to-take-on-the-world kind. Well, sometimes it feels like flipping a coin to see which one you’re going to have. But I believe there are things we can do to make sure we have the second kind. Getting enough sleep, exercising first thing, and a good breakfast are the things that help me the most. I don’t know what to tell you about sleep and exercise besides…do it, but I have a great idea for a breakfast to help you get going. Continue reading

Of Campfires and Cobbler

Summer is approaching! I was never big into camping growing up, but I have been a few times. I just wasn’t a super fan of sleeping on the ground, not being able to shower, and mosquitoes. But one thing I always enjoyed was the food! There is something about camp food that is just fantastic. One of my favorite food memories was dutch oven cobbler. Continue reading

Einkorn Celebrates Hummus

Ignorance is not always bliss. For much of my life, I was ignorant to the greatness of our lead performer for today. We’ve finally perfected a soulmate for our Einkorn flatbread. Introducing…Hummus! By way of clarification, I do not mean to say that I had never heard of hummus. Of course I had. But I refused to try it. On what grounds? It’s humiliating, really. When I was first told about Hummus, my brain instantly went to a little stone we kept in our shower for scraping off dead skin – Pumice. Needless to say, that thought did not make me eager to branch out and try it. If you too are ignorant of hummus, don’t worry. It’s nothing like that. Continue reading

Dessert for Breakfast

Dessert for breakfast? That’s how I felt every time my mother made coffee cake for breakfast. Of course, her coffee cake really was pretty much a dessert, so we didn’t get it very often. But when we did, we were ecstatic. My mom’s coffee cake was the best, and we always ate more than we probably needed. Well, I’m here to share that recipe with you but with some healthy twists. Continue reading

Einkorn and the English Muffin Man

“Do you know the muffin man?” This traditional song sprang from the Victorian era when muffens (German origin) or “little cakes” were sold door to door in Britain before private ovens were a thing. When we think of muffins, we think of large sweet breakfast cakes, maybe blueberry or poppy seed. English muffins are something quite different, but they didn’t come from England at all. They were actually invented by an Englishman in the United States. Continue reading

Nothing Like Homemade Rolls

Dinner rolls were regulars in our house growing up. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized dinner rolls can be a tricky thing to master. But mom had that consistency down to an art.  She would sometimes ask us to help her shape the rolls, and it was always very clear which ones were hers and which ones were ours, but we got better as we got older. Another thing about those rolls was their amazing flavor. It didn’t take me a long time of eating white rolls at restaurants and dinner parties before I realized that they paled in comparison to Mom’s homemade whole wheat rolls. Now we’ve created a perfect dinner roll recipe for einkorn, and the flavor is even better. Thinking about entertaining? You need this recipe. Continue reading

Healthy Grains: 25 Reasons Einkorn Tops the List

Valeria learned the hard way about the importance of including only the most nutritious and healthy grains in her diet.  Her struggle led to her discovery of Einkorn, and may give hope to others who are struggling with their health.

When she first moved from Russia to the United States, Valeria was excited about the hassle-free American style of cooking. She was awed by the colors and packages in supermarkets and wholeheartedly embraced this new way of life.

After a few years, this new way of life stopped being so awe-inspiring. The arrival of fatigue, dangerously high cholesterol, and debilitating migraines put a serious damper on her excitement.

After going on medications, Valeria decided to try Continue reading