Sesame Whole Grain Einkorn Crackers Recipe

I really enjoy trying a new delicious and simple recipe.  That’s why I was so excited when I came across this one from the Bread Experience!

These little delights are made with sesame seeds, salt, water, olive oil,  and fresh Einkorn flour. They are healthy, great tasting, and very simple to make.

If you’ve already tried the recipes for einkorn breadpitas, and pancakes, now you can try these delicious Sesame Whole Grain Einkorn Crackers!

Click here to get the recipe.  Try it out  and share your experience here or on facebook.

Sesame Einkorn Whole Grain Crackers

Tasty Sesame Whole Grain Einkorn Crackers

Thank you to Cathy from The Bread Experience for sharing!

8 thoughts on “Sesame Whole Grain Einkorn Crackers Recipe

    1. Kerrie

      I’ve had a lovely einkorn & sesame biscuit, with currants & bits of chocolate- made by Grow Seed / Heritage Grain Conservancy- it had the sweet & the salty & the earthy- it was heavenly!

  1. Sylvester L. Kelley

    The Otsu recipe was SO good and really easy to make. I think it would have been more tasty if I had had the sesame oil, instead I used a citrus California olive oil. I mean if a 5 year old loves it, what can you say?

    1. markela

      This is the recipe:

      1 1/4 cups Einkorn flour (80% extraction or whole grain flour)
      1/2 cup toasted (or untoasted) sesame seeds
      5/8 teaspoon salt
      5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil
      2 to 4 tablespoons water (more or less as needed)

  2. Joan Schindel

    We all need to get back to a better way of eating. Industrialized foods and their accompanying pesticides are ruining our health.


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