Whole Grain Einkorn “Blender” Pancakes

I’m a mother of 4 kids (with one more on the way) and the worst feeling for me is to provide a healthy breakfast meal first thing in the morning.  I try to feed my family healthy foods but sometimes the “cheap cold cereal” is all too tempting as a cop-out meal in the morning…I’m sure you know the feeling 🙂

Making Einkorn Pancakes

Cooking Einkorn Pancakes

In the last year, I discovered “blender” pancakes in one of those cook books sitting on my shelf (I can’t remember the book).  The pancakes are so easy to make and it’s very quick.  My kids and husband also love them.

Over time, I modified the recipe to use more natural and healthy ingredients; Since we eat this meal so often, I wanted to make it as healthy as possible for the family.

You can see my recipe by clicking here.  I’ve also added some additional comments and pictures below so you can see better how I have made this work for our family.

When I first made this recipe, I was surprised at how simple and easy it was.  It took actually making it to realize just how simple it was so I’ve broken it out into 4 simple steps below.

Step 1

One of the most important steps in the whole process is the blending of the einkorn grains.  It has to be done with the water and powdered milk in a blender.  I use a VitaMix high-speed blender and it works very well.  Low-speed blenders work fine too…you just have to let it blend longer.

I usually let the blender run for 2-3 minutes until the kernels have all disappeared.  The blender pitcher gets a little warm but not too hot for touch.

Einkorn Pancake Batter

Einkorn Pancake Batter in the Blender

I started testing with einkorn because of its incredible health and nutritional benefits.  After using einkorn grain for pancakes, I was surprised with the soft and light texture that the grain adds to the pancake batter.  The texture makes einkorn even more ideal for this recipe.

You will notice that the batter thickens quite a bit just as it is almost done.  If it is so thick that some whole grains are not mixing in, you may need to add a little more water and continue running the blender until the batter is ready for step 2.

Step 2

Add the coconut oil, eggs, honey, and salt into the blender and blend it up.   I use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil because coconut stimulates thyroid function and has wonderful antiseptic properties a.

Einkorn Pancakes on a Plate

Einkorn Pancakes Ready to Eat

Step 3

Add the baking powder to the blender and quickly pulse three times, just enough to mix. Mixture will foam up and get very light.

Step 4

Cook the pancakes and serve them with the Simple Blueberry Syrup.  I usually add a little whipped cream too.  Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Whole Grain Einkorn “Blender” Pancakes

  1. Galimir

    Dear jujuschleg,I am interested if you used einkorn with the husk or without(peeled).I am trying to formulate the ultimate raw einkorn smoothie.In the process I am thinking if one grows the einkorn by himself and harvest it.So the next step normally is peeling it(or however its called in English,I am not sure).Well if you do it at home the peeling complicates a lots the whole game,especially with the einkorn,what doesnt give so easy its grain out of the husk. So I thought:”Gee,what if one just blends the whole spikelet(probably soaked over night in water) with a high-speed blender?” So I wander if you have tryed that? Even in case there are some sharp pieces inblended,one can probably strain it?
    That would save so much work and actually will be thery cool from both storage point (the grain preserves better in the spikelet and also all the nutrients are there),as well as saving of the peeling step.
    We have actually right now a friends bio-dynamic farm where they have BD-spelt,not peeled.So they would be happy if they can sell it to us without peeling(what is done at other place for them and its quite a hassle…).I hope to convince them start growing Einkorn soon.
    As far as the benefits from the raw(or sprouted)einkorn are traditionally known in our part of the world,even this knowlege is getting lost very rapidly.So I think a raw einkorn smoothie with combinations with different superfoods can become THE ULTIMATE SUPERSMOOTHIE,and I am not kidding(you get not only the chocolate,but the bread too! :).The wheat is very neglected right now by the raw foodists,who are deceived by the form in what wheat is used now-especially the regular american “bread” has very little to do with this sacred food as it has been used through the millenia…From my personal experiense the wheat gives this feeling of fullness and strenght to the body,what rarely other from the superfoods do.It kind of “grounds” you. I am talking mostly of whole grain BD spelt chapati(or at worst whole-grain home made souer dough bread out of it),what mostly we have been using as alternative to the “normal” Czech bread.The difference(of how you feel after such meal) even in this case is so huge,that its insane…When you realize in what lie people have been living,thinking that they eat “bread”…
    Anyway I am looking forward for an answer from you and take care!
    Galimir from Prague,Czech Republic

    1. jujuschleg Post author

      Dear Galimir of Czech Republic,

      What a wonderful resource this blog is to be able to connect from across the world about this important topic. I was very happy to see your comment on my post.

      I have only used the de-hulled einkorn grain thus far because all of the einkorn I have purchased was already in the de-hulled state.

      I love your idea about the einkorn supersmoothie and I’d love to hear how that tastes. Imagine how healthy it would be! Einkorn has a very sweet taste, probably unlike any other grain so I think it would work especially well in this recipe. I don’t know for certain if the blender could eliminate bad texture resulting from un-blended spikelets but if you soak it as you suggest, I imagine it will come out very smooth.

      Here’s a picture of the einkorn I use. Not sure if you can see it well but hopefully it helps.
      Scoup of Einkorn

      No doubt, wheat has a lot of bad press right now and too many are suggesting to eliminate it instead of understanding its history and the differences between the wheat we eat today and the ancient wheats. Not to mention, the differences in how we bake our bread. In fact, your comment makes me think that I should soak the einkorn grain kernel’s overnight before I make blender pancakes, as this may better break down the grain.

      I totally agree about the feeling of fullness and strength after eating bread. It’s so good for the body. I’ve heard that those who go off wheat really struggle to have enough strength. I’m hopeful that einkorn can be a solution for them.

      So do you have any einkorn recipes that you have tested with and would be willing to share ? I’d love to try out any recipes you have for einkorn (or any other ancient grain). It would be fun to share it on this website recipe list too.

      I look forward to hearing from you!

      jujuschleg of Utah, USA

  2. Diane

    I wandered over to your site from HeartScan blog. I have a small sensitivity to wheat and have been simply avoiding all wheat for about 6 months, with very rare exceptions. I did try some organic spelt berries a few months ago and didn’t notice a problem, but I’m not making it a regular thing. I read your blender pancake recipe and couldn’t believe it – I did almost the exact same thing with the spelt berries! My only difference (other than minor recipe amounts) was soaking the berries overnight to break down phytic acid. I did not grind it quite so smoothly as you did either (the consistency of my batter was more like a hot grain cereal than really smooth batter) however – the result was fantastic! If you soak the berries, of course, you wont need nearly the amount of liquid you used. I used milk instead of water and dry milk powder, and a different fat. I bet the coconut oil will taste great though. I very rarely eat any wheat, but I just ordered some einkorn to try the next time I do. I’m trying to figure out what I can handle. Blender pancakes are awesome! I also recommend making a load of small pancakes that will fit in your toaster and freezing them. Pop a couple in the toaster and you have homemade pancakes for breakfast as fast as cold cereal! Not such a chore on busy mornings with the kids.

  3. Lynda

    I have made these pancakes for years. Can’t wait to get my hands on some Einkorn berries to try them. I have one suggestion. I soak my berries overnight, then let them sit, rinsing once or twice on the second day, and use them on the third, when they are just barely beginning to sprout, for pancakes. I do this “quick sprouting” right in my Vita-Mix container. I figure I have increased the nutritional value by letting the grains begin to sprout and the taste is fantastic.

  4. Natalie

    I really am impressed with what I am reading, however I can’t access the recipe, the link isn’t taking me to it. If you fix this, I would love for you to let me know, I am anxious to try this recipe. I have just found einkorn and really think it could be a blessing for my family, as we a long with a lot of other people have opened our eyes to our food supply and want to make a change.

  5. JP

    I made these with regular milk and the batter was very runny so I added some more berries (ground them in a coffee grinder first, 1 lb package total). Also I only used 2 t of baking powder because I thought it might be bitter. The texture and taste is amazing though! Oh I also used a food processor and it took quite a bit longer than 3 minutes and there were still a few chunks but it gives it a nice texture.

  6. Carol Felger

    WOW Julie…Your recipe is Fantastic!! My husband and I absolutely love the taste and don’t have the “heavy” feeling afterwards from regular flour recipes. Thanks so much for your hard work in putting these fabulous recipes together…can’t wait to try them all! Second time making these I added a small amount of buttermilk and loved the result too! Keep up the great work! We are customers for life!

  7. Anna Hollinger

    I lessened the water to just 2 cups and added a half cup of almond milk. It worked great! These are delicious! Thanks!

  8. Pat

    I am completely new to cooking with these berries. The pancakes were delicious but the batter was so thick it shut down my vitamix. I added quite a bit of water to make it pourable. Is the batter supposed to be this thick? Also, I ate a spoon of the mixture before adding the eggs and remainder ingredients – wow – this is a delicious hot cereal with just the hot water and powdered milk – light sweet taste! I look forward to trying more of these recipes! Thank you!

  9. Pat

    Just had a thought about the thickness of the batter. My berries were in the freezer as was the powdered milk so I had my water almost boiling. Would this be the reason my batter was more like cooked cereal? As I said, this is my first try using these grains so have lots to learn. Thanks!

    1. Admin

      Hi Pat, thank you for your comments. That could be. I haven’t tried it that way and haven’t had a consistency issue. But if it worked for you the way you did it, that’s all that matters!


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