Antioxidants in Einkorn Better Preserved In Baking Process

If there were a single change to our daily diet that would significantly increase our daily antioxidant intake, what would that change be?  Eat einkorn bread.

Einkorn Flour with Dried Tomatoes and Garlic

Einkorn's Superior Antioxidant Levels Preserved

I came across some very interesting researcha recently regarding the loss of antioxidants (specifically carotenoids) during the food processing process in the production of bread, water biscuits and pasta.   The flours they studied?  There were three: Einkorn, bread wheat, and durum wheat semolina.

In all three flours, antioxidant levels decreased significantly through the processing stages but einkorn was significantly more successful at preserving its high antioxidant levels through the entire baking process than the other flours.  I thought that was interesting.

You may remember my former post about einkorn nutrition, when I shared some information about einkorn’s superior antioxidant attributes:

  • Einkorn contains 3 to 4 times more beta-carotene than modern wheats (Boosts immunity, helps prevent cancer and heart disease)
  • Einkorn contains 35 times more Vitamin A than modern wheats (Healthy eyes, reproductive organs and prevention of many cancers)
  • Einkorn contains 3 to 4 times more lutein than modern wheats (Prevention of macular degeneration and cataracts)
  • Einkorn contains 4-5 times more riboflavin than modern wheats (Used by the body to create energy and is an antioxidant that slows aging)

Not only are antioxidants much higher in einkorn compared with other grains but now, with the results of this recent study, we learn that einkorn’s carotenoid levels are also better preserved in the bread making process, making it an ideal candidate for improving our modernized diets.

Can you imagine the effect it would have on the health of a child if he or should could grow up eating this ancient einkorn wheat?  The more I think about the impact, the more I realize the need to increase the production of this crop and get it into the hands of more people throughout the world.

a doi:10.1016/j.foodchem.2010.01.034

6 thoughts on “Antioxidants in Einkorn Better Preserved In Baking Process

  1. John D

    Stan, wow! I think you’ve hit on something remarkable here. I never considered that some foods will retain antioxidants better than others. The nutritional attributes of einkorn really make me think about the problems with most of the wheat we eat today and how good it would be for us to get back to this stuff. It seems like someone would be making food products out of this grain…it must be really hard to get in large quantities.

  2. Christine

    I baked my first loaf of einkorn bread today, and I will never eat shop bought bread again.
    The taste and texture is lovely, I will be baking and eating this bread for as long as I’m alive.

    1. Susy Macaulay

      That’s exactly how I feel about it, it truly is the staff of life and I’ve switched to it 100% for everything. Digestion now much improved, looking forward to longer term health benefits too.

  3. Valerie Price

    I will try it! It sounds like a very nutritious food; it’s a good thing that it is now being brought back to our attention.

  4. Sara Magnuson

    So far I baked bread, brownies and cookies with the einkorn flour and I just ordered the einkorn berries I’m going to start grinding my own flour. You use it just like white flour but the texture and flavor are much better. I don’t need to use as much flour and if you add some natural sweetness you actually have a very healthy snack. Who knew?


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