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Below is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions from customers.

Are there other names for Einkorn?

Yes, because of it’s ancient origins, einkorn is known by many names across the world: Triticum monococcum (Latin, scientific name), einkorn (German), small spelt (Italian), farro piccolo (Italian), engrain (French), Le petit épautre (French), tiphe (Greek), siyez (Turkish), and sifon (Hebrew). Learn more about the other names for einkorn here.

Where can I learn more about the nutritional benefits of einkorn?

We’ve summarized some important facts about Einkorn nutrition here.

Do you sell einkorn flour?

Yes, we do offer Organic All-Purpose Einkorn Flour.  You can buy it from our online store, here. Our Einkorn All-Purpose Flour is comparable to a “white einkorn flour”, only most white flours have additives (such as bleach and other chemicals).  Our flour does not.

And we also don’t call it “White Einkorn Flour” because its not actually white.  It has a characteristically slight yellow tint, which is indicative of einkorn’s high lutein content, a powerful anti-oxidant.

We do not offer whole grain einkorn flour yet but we plan to later this year.  All-purpose flour has a longer shelf life than whole grain so when we do offer whole-grain flour, it will only be offered as a freshly milled flour.

We do recommend as a best practice that you grind your own flour.  Flour that is ground and not quickly used oxidizes and quickly loses many of its most valuable nutrients.  If it becomes too old, it can go rancid.

Do you recommend any specific wheat grinders for making einkorn flour?

Einkorn berries can be ground into flour with almost any counter top mill.  We recommend using a stone or ceramic mill wherever possible but a quality steel mill will also work just fine.  Here are two highly-rated mills that can be purchased online:

Blendtec 52-601-BHM Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain Mill

Blendtec Kitchen Mill

Blendtec Kitchen Mill 60-Ounce Electric Grain Mill – Built to last, durable construction.  This stainless steel mill is made from solid-state electronics, a self-cleaning stainless-steel Micronetic milling chamber, a 10 amp direct-drive motor, permanent lubrication, and a design that won’t overheat.

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Tribest Wolfgang Grain Mill

Tribest Wolfgang Grain Mill

Tribest Wolfgang Grain Mill – German-engineered and German-made with small, 13.25” profile so it fits in your kitchen.  High production, 3.5 oz/minute grinding capacity for even the finest flours.

Ultra-hard ceramic and corundum millstones.

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Can I use these einkorn berries for seed?

Einkorn Wheat Kernels in the Hull

Einkorn grows natively in a hull that does not separate from the kernel during harvest.  To prepare einkorn for food, we use a dehulling process to remove the hull from the kernel.  The result is einkorn berries ready to be ground into flour and used for baking.

This makes einkorn very unique among varieties of wheat.  Experts say the hull protects the kernel from disease and rot.  As a result of this dehulling process, however,  some of the berries do not sprout as well as they would if they had been left in the hull.

If you plan to use the einkorn you purchase from our website as seed, you should first test a small amount to verify that it does sprout according to your expectations.

At some point in the future, we hope to offer einkorn seeds for sale. For now, they are so rare that it’s impractical to offer them for sale.

Where is this einkorn grown and is it organic?

The einkorn we offer is grown by our partner organic farmers in the western United States & Canada, and yes it is organically grown in accordance with our USDA organic certification.

How many cups of flour does 1 cup of einkorn berries make?

One cup of einkorn wheat berries will make about 1.5 cups of flour, depending on how finely you grind your flour.

Do you offer pricing for wholesale or bulk orders?

Yes, we are seeking wholesale partners who can offer einkorn in their local areas.  Please complete the bulk and wholesale application, and we’ll get back with you with pricing and wholesale requirements.

105 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. arye

    I too have used my Vitamix dry container to grind grain berries, but have discovered another way.

    If you sprout your grain berries in water overnight, they will soften up and then you can put them in your regular Vitamix container. Blend the softened berries. I use an egg, some type of milk, a tsp of maple syrup and yeast in the container before blending. When I used the einkorn berries, the seeds quickly ground down into a smooth batter. The difference between wheat berries and einkorn berries is evident. That is also how I noticed the einkorn is a softer berry than wheat berries.

    Sprouted berries also make the best batter for waffles. Love einkorn.

  2. Tom

    I keep my Einkorn All Purpose flour in a glass jar, in the refrigerator. Should I bring it to room temperature before baking?

    1. Admin

      Tom, we have not done that, but for most recipes I would recommend room temperature. For things like biscuits, though, a cooler dough is preferable.

    1. Admin

      Mags, I have never heard of rebound. Are you talking about roundup? Our einkorn is 100% organic. We do not use roundup or anything like it. I hope that answers your question.

    1. Admin

      Diane, interesting question. There has not been a lot of extensive research done on this question. However, most sources show that spelt is more alkalizing than modern wheat (on the alkaline side, but low on it like most grains). Einkorn is even more primitive than spelt and much more similar to spelt than it is to modern wheat so we can assume that it’s at least more alkalizing than modern wheat, but I hesitate to say much more because it has not been thoroughly studied.

    1. Admin

      Kerri, as the most primitive form of wheat, einkorn does contain gluten. However, it is very different from the gluten in modern wheat and many people who are intolerant to gluten can eat einkorn without problems. As far as people with full-blown celiac disease, we always recommend that they talk to their doctor before trying einkorn.

  3. Ruth

    What is the cost of a starter kit for these berries to grind in a vital mix. I want to see how it does. Also do u have to have a sour dough to use this or can u use it just like regular flour?

    1. Admin

      Ruth, if you are just experimenting, we’d recommend buying the 2.5lbs to start with. You can go here to look at pricing. And no you do not have to use it with sourdough. It works like any other flour. It does behave a little differently than modern wheat, and so ratios vary slightly. Our “Recipes” tab is a good place to start, but I would suggest watching consistency in general.


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