4 Einkorn Recipes For Thanksgiving

Wait! Before you start cooking for Thanksgiving, here are some recipes you may want to add to the menu.  They will also come in handy for the day after Thanksgiving.

Turkey and mashed potatoes is only the beginning. From sides to desserts to what to do with the leftovers, we’ve got you covered.

Thanksgiving is a day everyone should be able to enjoy. Those who can’t eat wheat miss out on a lot during the holidays (Thanksgiving without rolls and pie? What’s the point?). All these recipes are made with einkorn so all your guests with wheat sensitivities will be as thankful as everyone else! And don’t forget to look below the recipes for our Black Friday deal!

At our house, rolls are a must. Everyone goes back for more and, if we do manage to have leftovers, they are great for turkey sandwiches the next day!

This apple pie is a family favorite that has been eaten at countless Thanksgivings before now. Adapted for einkorn, it’s even better! Plus, you can use the recipe for the crust on whatever pie you prefer!

Leftover pumpkin from the pie? I know what you can do with it! Check out this pumpkin cake roll. Careful though, the kids may demand it next year too.

And what about when Thanksgiving is over and you have all that extra turkey? Whip up some einkorn noodles and use turkey instead of chicken in this soup!

Now that you have these delicious einkorn recipes up your sleeve, feel free to start cooking. We’ll be right there with you.

4 thoughts on “4 Einkorn Recipes For Thanksgiving

  1. Carol Anderson

    Oh, my goodness! Is there a recipe for everything except the rolls—the thing I crave? Have I just misread it somehow, yet for all the other recipes you simply click on the recipe, as indicated below the picture. Please tell me this recipe is here, too.


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