Einkorn Berry Cereal

When the icy wind slices across the ground, crystallizing the top layer of snow, when every child is in bed hoping Mom will say school is canceled, when even the air inside is so cold that getting out of bed seems an Olympic event, that is the time when a good hot cereal become necessary. For those who don’t live in cold places, lucky you. Even so, sometimes you just need something besides cheerios in the morning.

Einkorn Berry Cereal

Yum! We Enjoy Eating Einkorn Berry Cereal For Breakfast.

Hot cereals are popular all over the world, oatmeal being the most common.  Many people operate under the assumption that they are eating healthy when they eat hot cereal instead of cold cereal. While there may be less sugar in cream of wheat than Captain Crunch, cream of wheat is still just the white part of the flour. Oatmeal is a little better, but what we generally lack is a really nutritious hot cereal that lives up to its reputation.

With this recipe for a hot cereal using EInkorn berries, the void can be filled. The closest I’ve found to this cereal Russia’s Kasha made with buckwheat. Kasha has a similar texture but a fairly complicated process. This recipe is much simpler and has a thoroughly enjoyable taste and texture. This cereal takes all that we love about Einkorn and puts it into a soft breakfast cereal perfect for those cold winter mornings.

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