3 Fresh and Healthy Einkorn Recipes for your New Year’s Resolutions


Are your New Year’s Resolutions starting to slip?

If you’re anything like me, with January drawing to a close, you may have already lost some momentum for your New Year’s resolutions. We’re here to help you get back on track! I, for one, have the tendency to drop the whole thing if I mess up once. This is especially true when it comes to dieting. Dieting is just brutal. I’ve discovered I have two selves. One self is full of motivation and grit, doesn’t care about taste, and moves full speed ahead to my goals. The other self stubbornly, absolutely, and indisputably does not care. With diets, it’s always a toss up to see which self is going to wake up in the morning. If it’s the I-don’t-care self, the diet bows out gracefully. Good news! This post (and site in general) is not about dieting. It’s about a lifestyle that is healthy and realistic for those of us who don’t live on 20 acres and have nothing to do all day but make food.

I’ve learned that there are two things that make a healthy eating New Year’s resolution impossible to stick to. 1. Over-Complication. 2. Self-Deprivation. First, I’ve seen a lot out there in the health food world, and the recipes are generally aesthetically beautiful and delicious…and complicated, using ingredients nobody has. Complicated recipes are wonderful and we all feel adventurous enough to try them on occasion, but we live in the real world. To see a difference, we need foods that we really can and will make on a regular basis even if the I-don’t-care self is the one cooking. Also, if I am attempting a diet in which I feel deprived, I am much more likely to become angry and give up. That’s why we put this post together with three delicious, every-day recipes to add to your healthy food menu.

Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap with Einkorn Tortillas


This honey mustard chicken wrap melted in my mouth!

We started with an awesome Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap made with Einkorn tortillas! Let me just take a moment to daydream about this incredible combination of vegetables and einkorn perfection and honey mustard chicken. Ok, moment’s over. Now it’s your turn to try it. We’ve recently updated our tortilla recipe and wanted to highlight it using this great wrap. We also make our own honey mustard dressing. Einkorn tortillas can be kept in the refrigerator if you’d like to prepare in advance, but they should be covered as they have a tendency to dry out if you’re not careful. However, like most things, they are better fresh and a great way to use your grains if you don’t have time to make bread. Einkorn has such a unique and fantastic flavor that complements this combination so well.

Arugula Steak Salad with Popped Einkorn


This awesome combo will make you forget you’re eating a salad!

Next, what health plan doesn’t include a good salad? Don’t skip this paragraph! I wasn’t born yesterday. I understand the prejudice against salad as a main dish, believe me. I remember coming home from soccer practice in high school so exhausted and sore that I was waddling like a duck and counting down the minutes until I could eat dinner and revive my dead muscles. I would walk in the door and drop my bag to the ground unable to carry it another step. I would look expectantly into the kitchen. My heart would drop when I saw the little bowls full of diced carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, hard-boiled eggs, and onions. Chef Salad. Ultimate disappointment. I have, of course, grown up a good deal since then and would never dream of complaining about food someone else made for me. Plus, salad and I have reconciled and I enjoy chef salad and taco salad quite a bit. This salad, though, leaves them all behind. Arugula, steak strips, diced vegetables, balsamic vinegar, bleu cheese! Get out of town! But why, you may ask, am I going off on a salad tangent on einkorn.com? Well, a key part of this salad is the addition of popped einkorn seasoned with salt and onion and garlic powder. This is something we just discovered and are soooo excited about! We wanted a crunchy, easy ingredient to add to this salad. Einkorn croutons are hard to find and hard to make so we decided to pop einkorn berries instead. After three failed attempts, we finally managed not to burn them. The consistency was perfect and the seasoning fantastic. We ate it like popcorn and had a hard time saving any for the salad. It definitely adds flavor and crunch to this already-awesome salad.

Turkey Sandwich on Einkorn Bread with Homemade Mayo


A classic sandwich with some healthy twists!

And finally a simple sandwich using our delicious sourdough Einkorn Bread recipe. Layer it with Nitrite-free sliced turkey and vegetables and you’re getting somewhere. We were also especially excited to find and implement a recipe for a homemade alternative for Vegenaise. Vegenaise is wonderful but expensive. So, with the help of Peanut Butter and Vegan, we made our own using ingredients we already had around! It’s made using the water that comes off of cooked chickpeas. You can get this gel-like substance from any can of chickpeas, but we made it ourselves by cooking the chickpeas for 18 hours or so in a crock pot and using the water from that. Either way, it’s a delicious and healthy substitute and can be stored in the refrigerator. It’s nice to have a mayonnaise with a clean ingredient list that you can make at home. A sandwich is a staple for any diet and is an excellent fast way to get a balanced meal. It helps if you already have ingredients you can feel good about such as einkorn bread, clean lunch meat, and homemade mayo. Layer this together and you’ve got a fast sandwich that will help you get one meal closer to your New Year’s goals.

There’s no need to quit on your healthy eating resolutions. Add these meals to your list and you’ve solved half the battle! We wish you luck with all your goals and hope this helps!



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  1. dorothy

    I live 5800 ft. above sea level. I have a very successful receipe for bread flour white bread. When I try same receipe with einkorn flour the loaves rise very little. Can you help here. I hold back 20% of liquid, three risings, 415 degrees for 15 minutes, 360 for 25 minutes. Where am I going wrong.


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