Einkorn Flaky Biscuits

Who doesn’t like biscuits? These Einkorn biscuits are flaky and light. The Einkorn flour softness contributes to the softness of the biscuits and make them an ideal Breakfast!

Actually these are so good they are great for anytime of the day. I loved how well they turned out so much that I took them to a dinner party that night and they were a huge hit!

See the einkorn biscuits recipe.

Try them for yourself! Get the recipe here

2 thoughts on “Einkorn Flaky Biscuits

  1. Virginia

    The headline is flaky biscuits and the picture matches. Problem is the recipe link takes me to what looks like a soft dinner roll. Where is the flaky biscuit recipe, please?

    1. Admin

      Hi Virginia, that is the biscuit recipe. I apologize if the picture is misleading. We changed the biscuit recipe because it tended to be dry, so the new on is softer, but not to the level of a dinner roll. I hope that helps.


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