Einkorn Tortillas, A Delicious Wrap

If you’re like me, you often prefer a wrap over a piece of bread.  That’s why I searched and tested until I had this simple, yet most delicious, recipe for einkorn farro tortillas.

Fresh Einkorn Tortillas

Fresh Einkorn Tortillas Ready to Cook

We use tortillas to make wraps filled with all the usual suspects – quinoa, beans, lettuce, salsa, avocado, and cheese.  And here’s a secret for which you may (or may not) thank me: these tortillas make for especially tasty quesadillas.

This tortilla recipe is fast and easy to make.  You can see my simple instructions and ingredients list under our recipes page here: Einkorn Tortillas Recipe. If you do have questions, feel free to contact us because getting them just right is a bit of an art.

When we make tortillas, we usually prepare large batches (40 or more).  We press and cook (on the griddle) some from that batch immediately but we freeze the rest (after pressing them but before cooking them).  Some people may put parchment or wax paper between each tortilla before freezing but that is not necessary…thaw them on the counter top then warm them thoroughly in the oven, and they will come apart beautifully so you can cook them on the griddle.

These are the best wraps. Einkorn works especially well (outside the nutritional benefits) because it is so soft, and the flavor is incredible!

Chef Pro Tortilla Press

Chef Pro Tortilla Press at Amazon

If you have a tortilla press, you should have everything you need to make these in a very short period of time.  Even the ingredients can be substituted, for the most part.  If you need a tortilla press, we recommend the Chef Pro Tortilla Press at Amazon.com.

Cast-iron Tortilla Press (non-electric)

Non-Electric 8" Cast-Iron Tortilla Press

We’re of the essential/simplistic flavor so we have an electric and an 8-inch cast-iron (non-electric) tortilla press.

If you try my tortilla recipe, leave a comment below and let me know how it turned out for you. I love hearing about your experiences!

13 thoughts on “Einkorn Tortillas, A Delicious Wrap

  1. GuruNam Kaur

    I’m interested in trying this. How does the cast iron press work vs the electric?
    Do you use anything to keep the batter from sticking? Do you grind your own flour?
    I enjoy a maximally raw food diet but I like a wrap (other than collard) occasionally. After reading Wheat Belly I figured einkorn was the way to go.
    Thanks for your help.

    1. admin

      We do grind our own flour. I have not used the cast iron press but it looks like it would be very nice. I am looking for a 10″ and then I’ll buy it. I think you put it on the stove top to keep it warm. You could do the same over the fire, I believe.

  2. Valerie Cirillo

    We are making our own tortilla press. I found a how to guide. I love it! Einkorn tortilla’s here we come!

    1. Jarrow

      This is pushing 2 years old, but since interest in ancient wheat is increasing again, I’ll toss the answer here.

      For a nice, big tortilla press, get the following:
      * ~3feet of 1×12 chemical-free hardwood lumber,
      * some small hinges (optional),
      * a screw with washes and locking nut(s) that’s at least 3.5 inches long,
      * wood glue,
      * wood screws (several ~1.5 inches, several ~2.5 inches)
      * drill with at least 2 drill bits – one slightly larger than the hinge screw, the other to drill the pilot holes for the wood screws,
      * sandpaper,
      * whatever stain / surface protector / wax / whatever-you-prefer-to-finish-the-wood. Raw wood in the kitchen can get stained, dirty, and unsanitary fairly quickly. But some people prefer it, too.

      Cut the wood into 10 pieces:
      1) Base 16×12
      2) Top 12×12
      3) Top Bumper 2×12
      4) Base Back 1×12
      5) and 6) Left and Right Hinges 3×6
      7) Lever 3×12
      8) 9) and 10) 3x Hinge Base 1.5×3

      * Sand off all edges, splinters, sharp pointy areas, etc.
      * Sand the Lever until it feels comfortable in your hand.
      * Place Top on top of the Base, flush with 3 sides, and glue-and-screw the Base Back almost flush with the Top, on the part of the Base still showing. This is now the back of your press.
      * Glue-and-screw the Top Bumper 8 inches from the back of the press, 4 inches in on the Top. This is where the Lever will press down on to exert the force to flatten the tortilla evenly.
      * Stack and clamp the Left Hinge, the Lever, and the Right Hinge so they are flush on 3 sides, with the lever sticking out. Sand the flush end slightly rounded. Measure 1.5 inches from the flush end, and drill a hole through the three boards slightly larger than the screw that will go through it. This will become your pivot point.
      *Place and tighten your screw, washer, Hinge-Lever-Hinge, washer, locking nut. Remember the lever needs to move.
      * Rotate the Lever 90 degrees, and stack-and-clamp, glue-and-screw a Hinge Base, Left Hinge, Hinge Base, Right Hinge, Hinge Base, so the Hinges and Hinge Bases are all flush on 3 sides, and there is 1.5 inches clearance between the Lever and the Hinge Base in the center. The Hinges-Bases-Lever assembly should be one solid block with a freely moving Lever, now.
      * Place the Lever Assembly on the Base, behind and flush with the Base Back, centered from side to side. Glue it in place.
      * Turn over the Top-And-Base-With-Lever assembly and place several screws through the Base into the Lever assembly. A LOT of force will be exerted through here, so make sure it’s solid.
      * If you want to use hinges to keep the Top and Base together, add them so the Top will fold up when the Lever is out of the way. You may also need to round the back of the Top and the Base Back to accommodate them.
      * Add your finish.
      * Test it yourself before handing it off to someone else. : )

  3. thoughtfulcooking

    Love the site, I’ve been using Einkorn for a little while now, and was happy to find your tortilla recipe. I tweaked it just a bit for my family’s needs, and because I’m too lazy to freeze 40 tortillas, so we made just enough to eat for dinner! But you are right, so easy, and tasty!

  4. tauna powell

    Plan to try this tortilla recipe for lunch today! haven’t even had a chance to open my package of einkorn berries yet, but Yah willing, today will be the day. thank you!

  5. Greg Fly

    For me, I found that the heavier cast iron tortilla press was well worth the price difference between buying a cheaper model, the extra heft of the cast iron was key! This is certainly one of my favorite ways to get a bit of Einkorn flour into my kids’ diet, everybody likes tortillas!

  6. Jennifer

    The first link in the article says einkorn farro tortillas….is there another recipe that includes farro?

    1. admin

      Hi Jennifer, that is a great question. Farro is actually a term that refers to three different grains. There is farro grande (Spelt), Farro medio (Emmer), and Farro piccolo (einkorn). I assume that for this recipe, it is just specifying that einkorn is the type of farro used. I hope that helps!


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