Nothing Like Homemade Rolls

Dinner rolls were regulars in our house growing up. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized dinner rolls can be a tricky thing to master. But mom had that consistency down to an art.  She would sometimes ask us to help her shape the rolls, and it was always very clear which ones were hers and which ones were ours, but we got better as we got older. Another thing about those rolls was their amazing flavor. It didn’t take me a long time of eating white rolls at restaurants and dinner parties before I realized that they paled in comparison to Mom’s homemade whole wheat rolls. Now we’ve created a perfect dinner roll recipe for einkorn, and the flavor is even better. Thinking about entertaining? You need this recipe.

DSC01234We made two version of this recipe. The pictured version is with einkorn all purpose flour, but we also made them with whole grain flour so we could show a variety in the recipe. Personally, I prefer the flavor of the whole grain, but everyone’s tastes and means are different so feel free to try either or both. Both flours made for beautiful soft dough that was surprisingly easy to work with. Search no more for the trick to perfect rolls. We’ve done the leg work. Now it’s up to you to wow your guests, kids, and spouses. I hope you weren’t hoping for leftovers.

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