Stars and Stripes and Apple Pie

Well, here we are again, but before I introduce today’s recipe, let me introduce today! Today is a special day. Happy Flag Day everyone! I’ve been looking into exactly what this day is all about and why it means so much to Americans. It wasn’t until 1949 that National Flag Day was made official by an Act of Congress signed by President Truman, but the Stars and Stripes have been inspiring and reminding people of this country since way before that. On June 14th 1777, an early version of the U.S flag was made official through the Flag Resolution passed by the Second Continental Congress which stated, “Resolved, That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.” Obviously, the flag has changed as more and more states have been added to the union until the final star was added in 1960, and the flag became the one we know today.

The United States flag has a fascinating history, first flying during the Revolutionary War at the Siege of Fort Stanwix and surviving a bloody civil war and two world wars after that. From the colonies to the to the early states to Europe to the moon, this flag has flown everywhere to represent the melting pot that is United States of America. Yes, this country has been through a lot and survived. While we’re not perfect, we have a lot to be proud of and the Star-Spangled Banner helps us remember that.

Our flag is very unique and represents the 50 states (the stars) and the thirteen colonies that fought for our independence (the stripes), but it represents so much more than that. Following the first move of the Civil War, many people began to see the flag as a symbol of freedom and sacrifice. Adam Goodheart said, ” As the long winter of 1861 turned into spring, that old flag meant something new. The abstraction of the Union cause was transfigured into a physical thing: strips of cloth that millions of people would fight for, and many thousands die for.” They died for our independence. They died to keep us together. They died to protect the innocent. Despite all we’ve been through and those who disagree with decisions of leaders of this country, we can’t deny that many have sacrificed to make this country what it is, and we celebrate the flag for them.

einkorn apple pie1Over here at, we want to celebrate the flag today too. We’re in the business of food and can’t think of a better way to celebrate. I mean, what’s more American than apple pie? Of course, apple pie did not originate in the United States. It was brought here from Europe, but it has come to symbolize Americanism – our patriotism and resilience. A patriotic song from the 50s said, “We love our baseball and apple pie / We love our county fair / We’ll keep Old Glory waving high.” See? The flag and apple pie go perfectly together to symbolize enduring love for the United States of America.

This recipe took a few tries to get right, but we finally coaxed einkorn into making a great pie crust that we feel can represent America well. Can’t handle wheat? Missing the American classic? Welcome einkorn and some other wholesome delicious ingredients and you can have everything you need to celebrate Flag Day properly.

I am aware that there may be some reading this who aren’t American and I hope that they are just as proud of their country as I am of mine (Plus, no matter what, you can enjoy this delicious apple pie). No country has a spotless history, but we should all love and be loyal to our countries. They made us who we are. And on this June 14th as I hold my plate of einkorn apple pie, I am proud to be an American.

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