Einkorn Tortillas, Fresh and Delicious

Posted September 21, 2012 by Julie Koyle
Healthy, fresh and very delicious, these gourmet einkorn tortillas are very simple to make.



  • 6 cups Freshly Milled Einkorn Flour
  • 1 tablespoon Sea Salt
  • 2 cups Hot Tap Water As hot as tap water will get
  • 2/3 cup Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil Or other oil that you prefer


Mix half of the freshly milled einkorn flour and all other ingredients. Cover and let sit 15 minutes. Then add remaining 3 cups of einkorn flour. Add extra einkorn flour if the dough is sticky. Divide einkorn dough into small dough balls, ready to be pressed into tortillas. Cover and let stand 15 minutes. Dough should be moist but not sticky.

How to Press Tortillas (The key to texture)

Einkorn Dough for Tortillas

Einkorn Dough Ready to be Pressed Into Tortillas

Allow tortilla press to heat up 8 minutes before using. Use (an reuse) a piece of parchment paper if you have troubles with the dough sticking to the press.  Press tortillas with the tortilla press until they are to your desired thickness but do not use tortilla press to cook the tortillas. Instead, after pressing tortillas, cook them on a stove top griddle or electric pancake cooker.

You will be delighted with the texture and taste!

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Pressed Einkorn Tortillas

Pressed Einkorn Tortillas Ready to be Cooked on the Skillet

17 thoughts on “Einkorn Tortillas, Fresh and Delicious

    1. admin

      Claudia, I don’t have a recipe for just 2. I recommend that you make the full recipe then free what you don’t eat but freeze it prior to cooking it on the skillet.

  1. Daniel

    I was wondering if you had an estimation on the shelf life of these great looking tortillas, is it recommended to freeze the day of making them or can they be bagged and last for a few days?


  2. Jay McCloskey

    I have the cast iron tortilla press you show on your website. You say to heat the press for 8 minutes before pressing the tortillas. Is is heated on the stove top, and to what temp?

    Is this necessary to make them press properly? I’ve never used Einkorn flour for making Tortillas, but also have never heated the press.

    1. admin

      If you feel it needs more flour, you probably just need to use less water (instead of more flour). Even then, it will be sticky compared with modern wheat dough.

    1. admin

      Cook time depends on heat source and type. Cook them until they brown slightly but not so long that they turn into crackers or get too dark.

  3. Nikki deLUXE

    I just made these. I took a shortcut and used the flour, but I must say that they were DELICIOUS. I needed about 1/3 cup more flour than indicated, and because I don’t have a tortilla press, I needed more flour for rolling out the dough. Regardless, they came out great. I used butter which worked wonderfully, but I just had some beef tallow delivered so I can’t wait to make another batch with this grass-fed fat. THANK YOU for a great recipe. This will now be my standard “bread” for the house.

  4. John Willis

    I do not have a press because I was led to believe the presses were only for corn and that the flour ones were rolled out very thin with a rolling pin. What is the answer? And if a press is useful, which model is best?

    1. admin

      A press is much easier than a rolling pin but either works. You can find cast iron presses on amazon. There is an electrical one but it doesn’t last long.


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