Einkorn Cinnamon Rolls

Posted March 8, 2016 by Julie Koyle
Einkorn all-purpose flour make these cinnamon rolls light, delicious, and easy on the gut!



  • 12 cups Einkorn All Purpose Flour Approximate
  • 1/3 cup Honey
  • 1/3 cup Avocado Oil
  • 3 cups Very hot tap water
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons Instant Yeast
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons Real Salt

Cream Cheese Frosting

  • 8 ounce Cream Cheese
  • Honey To taste


1. Mix oil, honey, water, and 4 cups of einkorn all-purpose flour.

2. Add yeast, and 1/2 a cup of flour. Mix.

3. Add salt. Add flour a little at a time while mixing. Keep adding flour until it cleans the sides of the bowl (We added about 7 cups).

4. Knead in mixer for 10 minutes.

5. Let rest in bowl for 20 minutes. If dough is a little sticky, sprinkle about 1/2 cup of flour on top while resting.

6. Knead a couple times on floured surface. Then, keeping on floured surface, roll out into large rectangle a half-inch thick.

7. Brush surface of rectangle with butter. Sprinkle with sucanat and cinnamon until covered.

8. Start at one end, and roll up dough until you have one long cylinder of dough.

9. Cut dough into rolls of the desired thickness with a string or piece of floss.

10. Place into greased jelly roll pan or baking sheet (You can also use parchment or silicon mat instead of greasing).

11. Put in warm place (The oven off) to rise until doubled. About 30-45 minutes.

12. Bake at 350º for 20 minutes.

13. While rolls are baking, mix cream cheese and honey.

14. After 20 minutes, remove from oven. Let cool a little before frosting.

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18 thoughts on “Einkorn Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Francesca Roman

    Can we use coconut oil instead of avocado oil?
    I think we can. It is more popular and easier to obtain than avocado oil.

    1. Admin

      Francesca, you can use coconut oil instead of avocado oil. We used avocado for this recipe, but we use and love both, and both will work.

    1. Admin

      Ronda, I guess I should have specified. Instant yeast is what we were referring to. I will fix that.

  2. SALLY

    Hello im excited to try THE FLOUR is there a receipe for one loaf ? there is just two of us and same foe the cinne bun Thank you Sally

    1. Admin

      Sally, if you are referring to the all-purpose flour, you can either cut this recipe in half or you can just slice and freeze one of the loaves until you are ready to use it. Einkorn bread freezes well. As for the cinnamon rolls, you can just cut the recipe in half if you don’t want as many.

  3. Holly Migas

    This ended up still being so incredibly sticky that when I was trying to roll it on a heavily floured surface it still was sticking.

    1. Admin

      Hi Holly, einkorn does tend towards stickiness. There are ways to minimize it – More flour and less kneading. We sometimes add a little bit of coconut flour to our recipes because it absorbs liquid. Overkneading is the biggest thing that causes stickiness, though. It becomes horrible to work with if overkneaded. So, just knead until the ingredients are incorporated.

  4. Susan

    Is there a way to make this the night prior to baking? Would you let it rise after rolling or put in fridge and pullout to rise in the morning?

    1. Admin

      I would suggest letting it rise after refrigerating, but it will take a little longer than the regular time. Just watch it.

  5. Olivia

    How long does the doubling take in step 11? Also if i reduced this recipe to make only 4, how much flour would be added at a time?

    1. Grand Teton Ancient Grains

      Hi Olivia. Rise time is usually 30-45 minutes depending on how warm your kitchen is.

      If you are reducing the size of the recipe then you will add 1/4 of the flour in the first step. So if you are making the recipe small enough that the total amount of flour you are using is 4 cups then you should use 1 cup of flour in the first step. Then I would just follow the rest of the instructions basically as they are written, understanding that you will have less of each ingredient.

  6. Wendy shine

    Can I replace the yeast with sour dough and let it rise all night in the fridge? I am looking to the healthiest options. Thank you.


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