Salad in the Summer

A little over a week ago, we enjoyed the first official day of summer. I don’t know about you, but I breathed a sigh of relief. Before that, I was on eggshells, desperately wanting summer but knowing that before June 20th, the weather had made me no promises. Nasty days of rain and wind were a constant threat. I couldn’t decide whether to put away my sweaters and boots or not. While driving to and from work, I would have to have my heater on in the morning and the AC on in the afternoon. I took a couple of ill-advised bike rides where the wind got the better of me. But all that is behind me. Now, I feel I can safely plan a picnic a week in advance or wash my car without worrying about a windy day ruining my work. It’s summer! You are all witnesses. And I plan on living it to the fullest.

Food is a huge part of every season, and our bodies seem to feel it. Come September, I’m dying for pumpkin cookies, but I don’t think about them the rest of the year. It’s the same with summer. When the weather starts to get hot, the last thing I want is to bake bread or eat soup. From June 20th to September 22nd, I want salads. I want raw, fresh, and light. I feel like fruit all the time. I don’t think I’m alone. Salads and summer just go together. The freshness and nutrient density of a good salad gives us the energy to play hard and deal with the heat. Our bodies know what they need. That’s why all I want is fruit and salad in the summer. I would be wise to listen.

einkorn apple salad closeup

This salad has everything!

While green salads are wonderful, there is a whole world of possibility beyond that. This salad is incredible. It has a little bit of everything, fruit, nuts, grain, dairy, probiotics, vegetables etc. The variation in texture is so fun, and did I mention it’s delicious? Well, it is. Sweetened by the fruit and a little pure maple syrup, it’s a guilt-free pleasure. In fact, pure maple syrup is quite a bit lower on the glycemic index than cane sugar and is full of antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals. Another thing I love about this salad is that it’s completely raw unless you count the yogurt. Everyone knows that food is most nutritious before it has been cooked. Even the einkorn isn’t cooked in this recipe; it’s soaked. I just think that’s cool. You just soak the berries in room temperature water for 24-48 hours and they’re soft enough to add an amazing texture and nutrition to this all-inclusive summer salad.  Make the choice to enjoy this summer, and give your body the energy it needs to do it.

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