“Food is Memories”


For as long as I can remember, my family has eaten chili and cornbread for Halloween dinner. I don’t know how that got started or what this particular food has to do with the scary October holiday, but that’s what we did. I will always associate chili and cornbread with Halloween no matter how old I get or where I go. We would all dress up (never as anything scary) and go to my grandma’s house in town (Our house out in the country was not conducive to trick-or-treating). There would be a big pot of delicious chili, several pans of cornbread, and a “cauldron” of homemade root beer.

I recently watched The Hundred-Foot Journey in which the main character, a rising indian cook who learned from his mother, says “Food is memories.” I can relate to that, and I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m not a huge fan of Halloween to be honest, but chili and cornbread is special to me for the memories it brings with it. I’m sure all of you have a food that does that for you.

So, today I wanted to share this memory from my childhood adapted for Einkorn. This chili is bursting with flavor, and the addition of einkorn berries adds a variety of taste and texture you will love. The cornbread is wonderful as well. Made with part einkorn and part cornmeal, it has a delicious taste that takes me back to my Hermione costume and pumpkin pail full of snickers and kit kats.


Not just another chili


A cornbread worth talking about







We hope you enjoy this recipe and find out what food takes you back.

2 thoughts on ““Food is Memories”

  1. Ramona

    Hi Jennifer,
    I just made chili and cornbread last night. My friends and I eat this once a month, and last night I made the usual cornbread recipe with Einkorn flour. They could not stop talking about this bread. One person doesn’t even like cornbread, and had 2 pieces. It was the same recipe I always use, and the only difference was the Einkorn flour. I’ve read up on it on the web, and it looks like Einkorn is a better wheat for our digestive system. I am wondering if it was the taste of the bread slightly different or if something healthy for us actually tastes better! I am definitely going to try this with other recipes.

    1. Admin Post author

      Ramona, we’re so glad you and your friends liked the flour! Einkorn does have quite a fantastic taste, and it is a very different taste from normal bread wheat. But you’re right about einkorn being much easier on the digestive system. There are a lot of other ways it’s much healthier as well. We have an article coming out soon that will thoroughly explore the health benefits, so you can take a look at that when its published. In the meantime, if you want to know more about the digestive aspect, you can look at this article. It’s exciting that you’re going to try einkorn in other recipes. Just so that you’re aware, in certain recipes einkorn behaves differently than wheat. For help with that, see this article. Best of luck!


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